10 Body Language Signs That Prove He Is Attracted To You

Curious to know what his actions really imply when you are out on a date? Curious about his sinful smile, insane laughter, brushing of hair or those gentlemanly ways of opening the door and pulling out chair for you? You must learn whether he is a “fake it till you make it” kind of a guy or everything is actually real and honest. Here’s a list of 10 body language signs that prove he is genuinely attracted to you and not simply faking it.

  1. When he gets starry-eyed on seeing you

No, we aren’t talking about those lovey-eyed emojis here. We are talking about his natural tendencies. A famous research says that when a guy likes you or is attracted to you, then his pupils dilute through the secretion of a love hormone called dopamine.

So the next time when you are out on a date, look out for his pupils expanding like a huge ball when he looks at you or if you catch him staring at you.

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  1. When his eyebrows are raised and not idly seated on his head

Just when he raises his eyebrows at you in a mocking way or a funny way, it means that he finds you really interesting. The facial features when left idle are a sign of complacency and a dull conversation. It might also mean that the guy has just hit the snooze button. So when he is flexing his facial muscles, take it as a positive sign.

  1. When the guy gives you a toothy laughter

Yes, it’s a good sign! When the guy across you has this full blown smile on his face, then know that he really finds you fascinatingAnd finding anything fascinating is a sign of curiosity. If you can make the guy curious enough to keep coming back to you, then know that you have hit the bull’s eye.

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  1. Look for a genuine Smile

A genuine smile is the one which is instantly caught in the net. Yes, that’s exactly what I meant. The kind of smile which is so spontaneous that as it sets on the face, it stretches your facial muscles, crinkles your eyes at the corners and gives the whole face this genuinely happy look. If a guy is smiling like that with you, then know that you have his undivided attention.

  1. Licking of the lips

When the guy licks his lip by his tongue grazing over the upper or the lower lip, to just moisturize the rasp or dry lips then know that the anticipation quotient is really good between you guys. The chemistry is sizzling hot. He might be concocting some interesting plans with you in his head which clearly states that one date isn’t enough for him. He loves your company. The licking of the lips essentially means that there is an air of electrifying passion between you guys which accounts for a great chemistry.

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  1. When you find his eyes roaming all around your face 

When a guy is talking to you with his eyes straight in contact with your eyes, then know that he might be interested in what you have got to say. But this can’t be the only way to tell whether he is attracted to you or not.

When you find the guy looking into your eyes one second and then staring at your rosy cheeks the other second, know that he is totally smitten by your beauty and can’t help but wonder what a gorgeous creation you are. Catch that hazy shadow which forms in his eyes as his eyes come in contact with your lips. This is an instant reaction and a biological one too. (Eyes really are the windows to the soul!)

  1. He breathes hard and sighs deeply when he sees you or is near you

    When you feel a guy’s chest rising or falling hard frequently during a conversation or catch him sighing deeply while talking to you, then know that he is very much into you. He breathes hard in order to control his head from making crazy imaginations when he is with you. Yes, guys are fully capable of imagining surreal things even when they are right there with you. It’s a very human-oriented reaction. Even girls tend to do that. This is nothing but a sweet anticipation of what is going to happen next.

  2. When he leans towards you during a conversation

    This is a clear sign of the guy being totally interested in you. When he leans forward a little or inclines his body towards you and listens intently to what you are saying, then it’s a sign that he really wants to know you. Guys generally have a bad reputation for not listening to the girl, but when your guy has his eyes set on you and body in a lean-in position, then know that you have got his complete attention.

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  1. When he plants his hands on his hip and not in his pockets

When a guy has his hands immersed deep into his pockets, then know that he must be finding ways to flee out that door from where he came. But when he pushes out his chest, reclines his body straight and then plants his hand over his hips and also puts the elbow out, then know that he is seeking your attention. By his powerful physical stance, he wants you to take notice of him, which is a good sign.

  1. If he touches your knee lightly or tuck back your hair

If the guy plants his hand on your knee lightly, it shows that he is testing your reaction when he touches you. It’s like testing the waters – whether it’s too hot, too cold or just the right temperature. When he gets your permission with a sweet smile or a deep eye contact, then he takes it as a positive reaction to feeling comfortable with you. There are times when the guy is really scared about the girl’s reaction on being touched, even in the slightest way.

What do you think about body language signs from men? Don't forget to share your views in the comments section below.


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