Why Men Use These Emoticons During Chatting and What Do They Really Mean

Men are those creatures who are perfectly synonymous to the word “revelation”. Because they are a revelation in every sphere and momentous bracket of life; someone who never backs down from making your life fuzzy warm, chilling cold and somewhere between that.

Why is it so that all the ladies are in such a grave ‘need and greed’ of the company of men? Why are ladies always so ready to ride on men’s egotistical spins? Why do they swoon over the stolen glances, the gentlemanly attitude and the late night long conversations? Why a man’s hoarse, “just out of the bed” voice seems better than an end season sale on that glamorous brand? Why is it so that his first text- Good Morning gorgeous, makes you sigh happily?

Well, that’s because men will be men. They are irreplaceable no matter how much we speak of solitude and self-sufficiency. We, women, do require men at all times. We breed on compliments, swoon over his hot looks and have a tendency to shout crazy with our girlfriends on the phone when we are asked out on a date by one of those way-out-of-your-league men. And when that dating stage reaches the late night texting or say sexting phase, the men are in a habit of using a bunch of emoticons to express their unspoken words. This cryptic, yet exciting use of emoticons makes us believe that less is more.

Here’s what men actually mean when they use particular emoticons. Check it out!

  1. The blush smile with cheeks stretched out in a full blown smile

This blush smile feels like that warm butter sliding down a hot toast. Yes, it gives you tingles like that when used alongside a flirty text. If a man uses this blushing full blown smile,  have the guts to go forward and ask, “Are you blushing?” He might get a little shy or he might accept it openly.

This particular emoticon shows that you rock his world and hence he cannot help but blush when your name appears on his screen.

  1. The lovey-dovey eyed emoticon

Men frequently use this emoticon which has the capacity to make a girl’s heart thud wildly in her chest. When a man uses this emoticon, he means “Whenever I see you, my eyes form these lovely two hearts and I love watching you”. (Oh oh yes, lovelies!)

  1. The smiley with a black pair of goggles

Men use this emoticon when they are being cool and casual about something they did or said. Here, they are conveying a mixture of witty and laced with fun sarcastic remarks, which instead of offending you, leave you amused.

So, when men put these black goggles in the middle of a conversation, know that they’re interested in keeping the conversation geared towards light, airy and interesting topics.

  1. The Smiley where both the eyes are tight shut and the tongue is out

This one is used when the guy is being humorous or is literally barfing on one of your witty remarks. When this emoticon is used by the man you are so busy conversing with, then this male is being casual with you. If the chat is just rolling on without any direction, then the infusion of some barfing emoticons thrown here and there just lightens up the conversation.

  1. The blowing kiss sign

This one is the most grandly and frequently used emoticon in chats by a man who is dwindling between the need to be close to you, yet a little far away. Because a man needs to provide that kind of space between getting close to you and also genuinely get to know you to make a relationship that would last after the hot air of passion would be extinguished. This kiss is blown as a gesture that he is interested in you and wants to get to know you.

  1. The smiley with an angel ring over the head

This sign shouts that I may have taken the high road, and I like you too, but let’s take this slow and be cordial with each other first. This one is a fair and good emoticon to send when the conversation you just had was good and you would like to do it again.

  1. This Sleepy emoticon

In one of those late night conversations, which have been spiked with red-hot flames of passion and a roller coaster ride of emotions, a man’s sending this emoticon means, “God, my eyes are drooping shut, with my pillow enveloping my head in that comfy gesture to pull me in a dreamy sleep, but my mind is fighting to keep texting, as I like it”. A man sending this is in a confused state, of surrendering to sleep or else fight it.

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