Here’s How A Strong Woman Falls In Love

Hard exteriors often have soft interiors. Whoever quoted this phrase knew that he was talking about a strong woman. A strong woman is like the sun on a cloudy day- present yet detached. She is the lady who hides behind the curtain of her passions and digs her feet as she walks.

However of a catch a strong woman might seem to be, she doesn’t shy away from love. Nevertheless, it requires a man worthy enough of her love to make her go weak in the knees. But, remember, a strong woman doesn’t stumble even when she goes weak in the knees. Her love comes with terms & conditions and why shouldn’t it, after all the only unconditional love that exists is the one with god. So her love is a paradox. It makes you euphoric yet fearful, elated yet cautious. After all, what’s a love without mutual respect? And like there’s a flip side to every coin, every positive trait has a negative colleague- for instance passion comes with a desire or content comes with lethargy.  So the flip side to respect is fear, the kind of fear that’s not frightening, but the one that makes you refrain from going down the ugly road in a relationship because you’re aware that the girl standing in front of you is strong enough to not take you back the second time.

However, when a strong woman actually falls in love, it’s nothing less than fireworks on a night sky. She might seem cold at first but she doesn’t pull away because she isn’t a quitter, unless of course, the deal you’ve got to offer isn’t promising. She meets you at the eye-length and tests the waters before making a sail. She holds her stance confidently to challenge you and test how well you cope up with it. Locking her down definitely won’t be an easy feat, and why should it be, after all when was the last time you liked something that you got easily?

So before making an investment, she will test you and then test you a little more, as she isn’t the one to muddle in grey areas or mixed signals. She’d speak her mind and not be afraid to put up questions or remarks that would make you squirm. Don’t let this attitude of hers mistake you into believing that she wouldn’t be up for being tested herself, rather she’d any day pick a man like her own self- someone who won’t be easy to lock down, a goddamn challenge, an enigma. Her outspoken uprightness will rather make you dive into your own depths.

However, when you finally lock her down after all the chasing & testing, it would be the best thing to have happened to you. Loving her would feel like an old-school, saccharine sweet Hollywood movie playing on a 3D screen. She’d be the one to embrace those old-fashioned, story book notions of love. Her love for you would be old enough to last and new enough to grow. You won’t find her hiding behind the veils of fear of losing you, for she’d be unabashedly independent. That doesn’t mean she wouldn’t not want to lose you. However, she just wouldn’t be afraid of it. And learning this difference between not wanting something and being afraid of its contrary, will make you feel tossed yet amazed at her capability. You will be marveled at how easy yet complex her love is, after all, being easy is the most complex thing.

When you finally lock her down, this woman would welcome falling with open arms and you won’t see even a tiny smear of fear on her head, for she believes in doing everything with all her heart & soul. This lady wouldn’t be afraid of taking things into her own hand and shocking you once in a while by making the first move. With every glare & kiss exchanged, you’ll notice that her love grows but she wouldn’t, if ever, be fixated on how this story ends. She’d cherish the journey with you but also have the capacity to understand that not all things are meant to have a happy ending.

Nevertheless, if you and her end up being an exception to heartbreak and avert the catastrophic finale of modern dating, she’d promise to write your happy ending with her with all the love she has in herself.




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