The Winter Blues: 6 Awkward Situations Girls Face Every Winter

The hot summer cools off as the freezing winter arrives and the wardrobe is flipped over with heavy jackets, long stockings and woolen mufflers. A big relief sets in when that burning sun is replaced by hot blazing mocha, snuggling under those heavy covers and of course, the winter fashion.

But of course everything has its cons. Here are all the ugly winter situations when you wish to hide your face away and run-

  1. When the unshaven growth decides to peep out of your clothes

That time when you sit down and unfortunately the denim pants (or any kind of lowers) decides to strict up, allowing a portion of your ankle to show up! The embarrassment when n you fake a small smile and blabber POW you missed the appointment with three parlous.

  1. When your teeth decide to chatter at the imperfect hour

Imagine you are out on this romantic date with this handsome hunk (finally!), peeping into his eyes and minting romantic getaways with him. But the moment you decide to get all mushy with him and come up with this lovely line to say, your body temperature mellows down and your teeth start chattering making you unable to complete even a sentence. Ah, the quirks of winter.

  1. When your hair decide to take the shape of the cap

Fashion is our kin, we have got to do it. But fashion has its own challenges. Just when you take off the cap or hat which you wore to be warm, your nicely blow dried hair (ah! The time you took to get them in shape) takes the shape of that cap. Urghhh, the irritation!

  1. That sexy pair of stockings can be your great friend in winter until they fall for you or you screw them up with your toe-nails

That awkward moment when your pair of stockings slips off or else in the moment of haste to reach to a party, you happen to rip them apart while trying to slip your giant feet into it!

  1. When dryness on lips becomes your brand new enemy 

When no amount of lip balm is ever enough! Many a times when you find yourself asking for a lip balm or a moisturizer from every friend in the party!

  1. Wearing layers of clothing in winter is easy. But stripping them off just when you want to take a pee, that’s quite a challenge

With winters come those layers of cashmere & woolen clothing. But this fashion trick back-fires at us just when the bladder is about to burst and we just can’t be fast enough to zip down every layer.


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