How to Bring the ‘In Love’ Feeling Back to Your Relationship and Reignite the Spark

Relationship blues have become as common as Monday blues in recent times. Millennials no longer share the time and persistent ‘in love’ feeling with their significant other. Shannon Battle, a licensed professional counselor of human relationship says, “Always remember, if you fell in love, then it’s just as likely you can fall out of love”. If you also have a dawning realization that your relationship is going backward instead of forward and you really want to re-climb, go from hating your relationship to loving every minute because you love that person you are with, then this blog is for you. But before I start, I want to tell you that it’s simply common for a long-term relationship to wither away with time, so don’t panic and think your love life is doomed.

If you are you ready to dive deep into your relationship and build ‘new in-love relationship energy’, start to accept more and reject less by following these simple five tips.

1.  Revisit The Past

Go back to the roller coaster ride you once experienced, with your partner-in-crime, your accomplice. Past definitely maybe a far away place, but going through all your old pictures, videos and memories will serve as a food for your soul. A walk down the memory lane always helps in re-creating the ‘in love’ feeling, it will solve all the unanswered vexed questions in you and your partner’s mind.  Not only the lovey-dovey memories but even the ones about trying hard and overcoming the hurdles will give you a feeling of euphoria. If it was worth it then, then it’s definitely worth it now as well. Share even the memories which are not of you two being together, for instance the pranks and mischievous acts of your childhood days. Try replacing the not-so-good memory cloud with a better and pleasant in love vibe.

2. Be Spontaneous

Do you remember the last time you and your partner did something impromptu? If not, then go out for a dinner date and drink unlimited champagne, head on a road trip, binge-watch a Netflix TV series together, or maybe go for a late night movie which you guys relate to and is really close to your heart. Take care of your partner’s whims and fancies; forget about reason and rhyme, about being “too late” for it. These are the things you will never forget and cherish forever because it’s important for couples to be spontaneous every now and then too, especially if you are thinking to reignite the spark and bring the ‘in love’ feeling back.

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3. Kiss Like You Mean It

Remember, a quick peck on the lips isn’t going to stir up much emotion. Kiss French or maybe go for tongue-wrestling, smooching, lip-locking, puckering-up. Just make sure to keep it passionate as intimacy is the most quintessential part of a relationship. Why, you ask? Because intimacy increases the dopamine and oxytocin levels in the brain which in turn helps in solidifying emotional bond, and alleviates the feeling of contentment, satisfaction. No intimacy serves as a relationship poison, and therefore it is important to behave like randy teenagers once in a while to bucker up your game of being in love with your partner. You might find yourself falling in love with your partner all over again.

4. Get On With It

Physical connection is as crucial as the emotional one as we are all living clichés. With sex around, or cuddling, massaging you’ll need no other drug to keep you in your ultimate euphoria. It is the healthy herb which most of all, you’re approved of. You know it well that not just you or your partner, but the whole clan around you gets off the rock with sex. For another, not having sex may become a habit (a hard one to break). Because we live in a sex-negative culture, honey you will start to believe that it’s ok to not be physically involved with your partner for just fun. Try harder, literally and get frisky every once in a while.

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5.  Speak Up

According to statistics, more than 70% of the couples have a communication gap as the most significant problem in their relationship. The sooner the problem is out in the open, the sooner it can be fixed. If you think, you need a break, the intimacy is dead, want to go out on a date, just goddamn say it. Don’t wait for your partner to magically read your mind, speak out, talk about it, and have a conversation about what you feel, how you feel and why you feel it. Don’t fear rejection. The person next to you is your person, trust them, they’ll not be inconsiderate of your emotions and will definitely help in rejuvenating the in love feeling back like magic.

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