5 First Date Tips That Will Make Him Want You More

Most of us very well know the usual tips and tricks to impress someone on your first date – be smart, look confident, and pay attention to your date. But what are the not-so-obvious things that you are probably missing out on your first date? Are your efforts enough to make him miss you until your next meet or there is still some spark missing between you two?

The first date is always a big and special one. At this point of time, you both are confused about whether you should go onto the next phase of your relationship or not. If you are extremely conscious of making him want you more after your first date, then this blog is all for you. Here is a compilation of first 5 date tips that’ll make him want you more.

1.  Put Forward An Interesting Topic To Start A Comfortable Conversation

What’s your favorite movie? Why do you like it? Put forward a firm opinion about something you like and express your vision on it. Enjoy your conversation querying him for his opinion about it and be ready to defend it while interacting with your partner. Remember, Good interaction is the basic key to keep your partner interested in you. Your partner might agree or disagree with your facts, but initially, a strong conversation might ignite the divine sparks of mutual attraction for both of you. Always remember to aim for a dialogue, not an inquest.

2. Be Interested In His Interests

Expressing your interest in him is a pro idea to have a good impact on him. Appreciate him and express your willingness to join him in what he loves to do. He might be someone who love’s cooking so, tell him that you would love to eat his handmade cuisine. Tell him all the good things you expect him to do. It is a fact that men love participation in their conversation more than oral appreciation. Expressing your impressiveness verbally won’t be a good move. Try it the other way and I bet you, that’s going to produce a more enormous impact on him.

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3. Try To Make The First Moves And Be Carefree

In this modern age, men shouldn’t be the first ones to make a move anymore. Be bold enough to make him feel comfortable with you rather than starting with awkward conversation. If you feel like drinking a cup of coffee, then don’t wait till he asks you for it. Order it for yourself and offer him. Your bold side shows how much you can connect with him. Some men want you to be docile while some, want to be one. Studies have proved that men like bold girls more than the shy ones. But meanwhile, take care not to take the whole matter in your hands.  Be bold but never a dominating one.

 4.  Be Honest About Your Relationship Expectations

Talk to each other with an open heart in what opinions you have about relationships. It’s good to have realistic expectations, but one also needs to be conscious of a healthy behavior while expressing it to someone. You both may have your own perspectives when it comes to the idea of a relationship, don’t start bragging about your prior experiences. You can always expect something from someone but take it a bit slow while you express it. Know where you stand and simply be honest!

5. Give Him A Chance To Miss You In Your Absence

Now, this is a pro tip which you must never forget. Men pick the best apparel from their wardrobe for going on dates. Be it a formal or informal outfit, don’t forget to compliment him wearing it, most probably his shirt. Next time he shuffles through his wardrobe, that shirt will remind him about you and your compliments. That’s a tricky way to leave your mark behind. You can also compliment him for the delightful fragrance he is wearing and tell him that his taste is good. Tricky, right? Believe me, this trick will keep giving him your flashbacks.

With these tried and tested tips, you’re sure to woo the new man in your life. Make sure you test the waters before diving in. Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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