9 Productive Ways To Stay Occupied During Self-Isolation 

With everyone across the globe practicing self-quarantine or self-isolation amid the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic, people in various countries have been urged to stick to working from home. However, enclosing yourself in your home, that too for such a long span of time, can be quite boring. Therefore, we are here with some of the most interesting ways to keep yourself occupied during self- isolation.

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1. Learn A New Workout Online

Whether you are into bodybuilding, strength training, a gym enthusiast or just a fitness freak, learning a new workout online through different apps, websites, blogs and videos can be a perfect way to keep yourself occupied during self-isolation. Workouts accompanied by good music can easily get you in the right mood, thanks to the endorphins, that help you to keep away stress and boredom while you keep to yourself during isolation. Nowadays, there are several apps available that can easily help you to learn new workouts that you can try afterward. Even if you haven’t tried one until now, it is high time to try something new and quite interesting!

2. Stay High Vibe

Amidst all the uncertainties, it is important to shift your thoughts away from darkness and guide your vibration to a higher realm. Remember, you attract what you project. The turn of events might make you feel lethargic or depressed to some extent, but you have to beat all the negativity by building a positive, happy go lucky attitude. Listen to soothing music, read books that might help you to build a positive attitude and watch spiritual shows online. These strategies would help you to remain optimistic and make the best of what you have at the present times. Don’t forget to keep your face to the sunshine and you will never see a shadow.

3. Create A Productivity Calendar

Working from home is convenient when done willingly. But when it becomes a compulsion, it can make you lazy and laid back. At this time, creating a unique productivity calendar for your daily to-dos can ensure you’re making the most of your time and at the same time it will help you in keeping yourself motivated. Keep checking tasks off your list and keep adding those to be done the next day. According to your convenience, you may go on to plan for the coming week or month and make the most of your idle days. In the contemporary world of the internet, several online platforms and apps are available to ensure a better planned day.

4. Start A Terrace Garden

Remember all your bucket list items that were pending since forever? It’s time to check them off your list. A little green space on your terrace is one of your favorite tasks that you always wanted to find time for and here it is. Convert the boring little space outside your window into a lively spot full of hues and greens, flowers, grasses and vines that are sure to refresh your mood every time you have a lookout there. You may get the required items delivered at your doorstep. All you need to do is to make a call at your favorite nursery shop and you’ll have your own relaxing corner when you have to get home after a long tiring day at work as you are done with your span of isolation.

5. Listen To Podcasts

A good thought can completely change the way you look at life and thus, the way you work. Listening to a podcast is one such way that can help your mind to develop and adapt to your changed mundane routine. Listening to podcasts is simple if you have an internet connection. You can download the podcasts of your favorite performers and your favorite collections directly from the internet or by using several apps that are available for Android and iOS. Thousands of audio programs are free to listen to and most are available via smartphone apps. You may listen to the maestros online and turn around your grim reality through the path of positivity.

6. Learn A New Recipe

Food is something that rejoices even the most sullen faces and dreary days. It’s high time for you to try the new comfort foods you’ve been craving since ever, be it the Mexican homemade enchiladas, the Pad Thai noodles or the Japanese Sushi, you have got the time to try all the much-wanted delicacies. Make a small isolated and comfortable cooking space for yourself, with all that you would require and let yourself play with the finest ingredients and experiment with your taste buds. Kitchen novels can even try their hand with simple starts, just to discover a new talent that is hidden in you. Make cooking your favorite time filler and kitchen the hotspot of your interest.

7. Create Your Vision Board

People find the best opportunities in the most common dreams, days and aspirations. Your aspirations know the right way. Therefore, you may use this time to write down your aspirations and prepare yourself for all that is to come your way. You may use a simple diary to write on to share your thoughts with, or decorative placards and lively posters to deck up your room so that every time you wake up or enter your space, you are reminded of your goals and peaks that you want to reach. Include all that inspires you to go ahead. Prioritize things. Be sure about what you want next and what your heart wants to do. Be proactive in your approach. After all, you have the power to control your destiny by what you do today.

8. Clear The Space

Keeping your surroundings organized is a major shore when it comes to cleaning wardrobes and setting your loaded drawers that haven’t been organized all through the busy days. Even the decked up phones and laptops may waste a major chunk of your time. Thus, you can use this time in isolation as a golden opportunity to clean up all your spaces. Right from your surplus shelves to the overlooked drawers, laptops, and phones, clear all the junk that’s been lying aimlessly. From planning the settings of your room, jotting things down, to ditching the unnecessary and organizing things that matter, you will be able to use your time to become an organized person. Create space for good energy to flow in and mark the change that your life would undergo through an organized path. You may also find new hacks online, to utilize your space in the best possible way through creative organizers and fancy storage that is sure to add more vibrance to your room and lively hues to your mood as well.

9. Unwind & Quality Time

Enjoy life’s simple pleasures like quality leisure time with yourself and your loved ones. The contemporary world has become so temporary that it merely revolves around work, gyms, malls, and movies. Social life has gone for a toss, as we have learned to live alone. However, your time in isolation can be best used to rejuvenate yourself and your relationships that have been lost into oblivion in the midst of busy lives. This can be the best time to regain all your strength that has been lost in the past busy days. Spend quality time with yourself, giving your body, mind, and health all the much-needed care and attention that it craves. The bliss of leisure inspires in you a sense of calm that further channels your creative forces! It is time for doing something that you love. Enjoy the bliss and make the best out of the time that you have.

Through these fantastic and absolutely easy ways, you can make the most of your time while the pandemic is shunned away and keep yourself ready for your upcoming routine.

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