Which Zodiac Sign Are You Compatible With, Based On Your Own

Though I have left high school far behind, I still haven’t been as lucky as Lara Jean, from ‘All The Boys I’ve Loved Before’, and I definitely haven’t found a Peter Kavinsky. Instead, every time I find myself interested in a person, I crawl into bed and munch on Skittles daydreaming or calculating ‘F.L.A.M.E.S’, to figure out whether we are compatible or not. Does this sound familiar? Does that person you know, the one in the mirror, do this too? Well, its time to end the suspense. Figure out who exactly your zodiac sign is compatible with, right here.

1. Aries

Birth date: March 21-April 19

Compatible Signs: Libra, Sagittarius

Daring, energetic, optimistic, Aries craves a partner who will keep them grounded, and balanced. Well, who better than good old Libra to do that? The prudence and levelheadedness they bring are great for you. But, if you want someone to run alongside you as you rush headfirst into life, a Saggi partner will be perfect for you! Their unending love for a living will match flawlessly with yours, and life will be as exciting as a rollercoaster. Be careful not to come crashing down though.

2. Taurus

Birth date: April 20-May 20

Compatible signs: Virgo, Cancer

You, dear Taurus, are reliable, practical, and oh-so-stable. And guess what? Virgo is similar, too. Matching priorities- stability, commitment, and rationality – will make you two unstoppable. The understanding and honesty in your relationship will make sure to keep the two of you in your honeymoon phase for a long, long time. Major couple goals, already! If it doesn’t work out with Virgo, perhaps Cancer is the S.O you were meant to be with all along. Reliable as anchors, Cancers will always be around to help you through your worst patches. You can both enjoy nights in, instead of going out partying. The sensual, strong love you will share will give you strength. The soft and caring temperament of Cancer will melt your stubbornness, and your go-getter attitude will help Cancer reach their full potential. Now if this isn’t a match made in heaven, I don’t know what is.

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3. Gemini

Birth date: May 21-June 20

Compatible signs: Aquarius, Sagittarius

Independent and sociable people like you need Aquarius partners, simply because they value independence just as much as you do. They understand your need for all your many friends and your involvement in very many creative pursuits. The understanding you two will share will really be otherworldly. But wait for a second, your relationship with Sagittarius also has the potential to be a roaring success! The vivacity of Saggi is something you can’t help admire. With you two, it’ll always be a fun time. A bright, warm love is sure to be yours.

4. Cancer

Birth date: June 21-July 22

Compatible signs: Scorpio, Capricorn

Love is everywhere with a Scorpio-Cancer pairing. An intense, tempestuous love will be shared by the two of you, coupled with a refreshing straightforwardness that is typical of Scorpio. Almost divinely in sync, you two are simply meant to be. And if you aren’t, there’s always Capricorn. They will reveal the best in you, while your warmth and compassion will really help them open up. They will always appreciate your emotional depth and will pick you up in your worst times.

5. Leo

Birth date: July 23-August 22

Compatible signs: Aquarius, Aries

While absolutely adoring, Aquarius will always give you space whenever you need it. But they’ll always be down for a cuddling sesh anytime you need one. They will be attentive to you in a way that will make you feel awful special and will give you butterflies just thinking about them. Your spark and it will, in turn, keep them curious and engaged. Aries partners too can help find your happiest ending, for they will create just the web of positivity that you need for your life. The stability they bring will keep you grounded. Be careful not to get caught in ego battles though. Instead, find a strong supportive kind of love in each other.

6. Virgo

Birth date: August 23-September 22

Compatible signs: Pisces, Capricorn

You are looking for a soul mate, aren’t you? If you are, there is probably none more similar to you than Capricorn. With their drive and ambition, they are great to have around as motivators. They will also be able to help to you, and support you wholeheartedly. Capricorn will always make you feel successful. If a more relaxed vibe is your thing, the water signs are your best friends. Pisces lovers will shower on you endless compassion. They will celebrate you in their own calm, laid-back way. This relationship is sure to be a dreamy success.

7. Libra

Birth date: September 23-October 21

Compatible signs: Gemini, Aries

All around will appreciate the easy sociable nature of both you and a Gemini partner. The endless charm of a Gemini and your quiet grace will make sure you two become couple goals. Both of you understand the importance of family and friends, and there is never any squabbling over who you should spend time with. Another match is the Libra-Aries match. Your stability will ground impulsive Aries, and their joie de vivre will reveal how fun you can be. A cute couple, this is bound to be, Yoda observes.

8. Scorpio

Birth date: October 22-November 21

Compatible signs: Aquarius, Cancer

You feel everything. And, intensely too. So, it isn’t difficult for you to feel like Atlas, as if you’ve been carrying the weight of the world. But, Aquarius will get you to cheer up and talk with their wittiness and communication skills. They will feel challenged by you, in turn. But, you can also find a soul mate in Cancer too. Like you, they crave steadfast, real love that builds up, not tears down. And this love will only build you up.

9. Sagittarius

Birth date: November 22-December 23

Compatible signs: Gemini, Aries

Wanderlust will define a Saggi-Aries pairing. There will be endless exploring and soul searching between you and your Aries partner. They will support what seem to be your silliest plans unwaveringly. Their impulsiveness will keep things exciting. However, let’s not leave Gemini out. They are curious, fun, and charming. But, their realistic ways will constantly let you fly, with your feet rooted to the ground. If you find this best of both worlds love, don’t let it go, Sag.

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10. Capricorn

Birth date: December 22-January 19

Compatible signs: Cancer, Taurus

The bull and the ram? Don’t worry; it won’t end in a room full of broken china. Instead, it will be the start of an eternal love affair. Practical and hardworking you will be able to share your love for the finer things in life with Taurus. You push them to their best, and they fill your heart with unending joy. Don’t dismiss Cancer either. Their nurturing love will help you find a home and a place of comfort forever. The kindness Cancer bestows will leave you grinning ear to ear. 

11. Aquarius

Birth date: January 20-February 18

Compatible signs: Leo, Scorpio

Like the adventurous Frodo needs a devoted Sam, you, enterprising and adventurous, need a devoted partner. That’s exactly what Scorpio will be to you. Unwaveringly there, supporting you through it all. A happy, intellectually engaging love? Yes, please! For oozing warmth, sunshine for days kind of love, find yourself a Leo. They will complement your thrill-seeking temperament with their warmth and confidence. They will always stand by you as the two of you go o setting trends that everyone adores.

12. Pisces

Birth date: February 19-March 20

Compatible signs: Cancer, Taurus

The typical Pisces is endlessly compassionate, empathetic, and kind. And you seek a lover who is just like you. Well, a Cancer’s your best bet. A romantic, sappy, kind, strong, honest love is sure to blossom between you two. Their sensitivity and caring nature will help you feel adored, just how you want to be. Or, you can find a lover in Taurus. Another emotional sign, Taurus loves stability in relationships just as you do. You two will coax the best out of each other, and leave everyone else wondering at how perfect you are.

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