Get A 6-Pack With This Intense 7-Move Ab Workout

Busy in the hustles of day to day work, living a fit and healthy life is necessary for all of us. Managing the stability of your body is equally important to enhance your personality as much as your health conditions. Core workout exercises are really important for a well-rounded fitness routine. They help train the muscles in your pelvis, lower back, hips, and abdomen to work in harmony and maintain a proper balance in your body.

Here are the 7 best Ab movements that’ll enhance your abdominal muscles and help you get the perfect 6-pack when practiced over a period of time. Make sure you take only 90 seconds to 2 minutes rest between each round as this is a circuit workout and you cannot take a long break.

  • Plank With Knee Tap: 10 reps
  • Medicine Ball Slam: 20 reps
  • Hanging Leg Raise: 10 reps
  • TRX Knee Tucks: 12 reps
  • TRX Pikes: 12 reps
  • Bottoms-Up Kettlebell Carry: 20 steps forward or 20 feet
  • Cable Crunch: 15 reps

1.Plank With Knee Tap: 10 reps

  1. Start with a simple straight elbow plank.
  2. Keep your body straight and try to stretch as long as you can. Contract your abs and keep your belly pulled in. Engage your abdominal muscles so that your spine is stable and straight. Avoid curving your back, it is the most common mistake that most of us tend to do in plank exercises.
  3. Now without moving, tap your left knee to the ground and then bring back to the starting position. Do the same with the right leg as well. This makes one rep.
  4. Complete 10 such reps.

 2.Medicine Ball Slam: 20 reps

  1. Keep your feet apart at shoulder width and knees bend then, squat down and hold a medicine ball in your hands. Keep your head straight and make sure not to round the spine.
  2. Lift the medicine ball above your head with extended arms. Maintain your posture straight at this step.
  3. Now, slam down the ball on the ground without moving the position of your feet.
  4. This is one rep of your medicine ball slam.
  5. Complete 20 such reps.

3.Hanging Leg Raise: 10 reps

  1. Hang on a pull-up bar with palms facing out. You can also use a rubber strap to keep your arms in and hang outside.
  2. Now drag your shoulders blades down, keeping your shoulders away from your ears.
  3. Now lift both your legs and keep a control on your abs movements. Make sure you keep both the legs tight while lifting them.
  4. Lower your legs down and reach to your start position.
  5. This completes one rep.
  6. Complete 10 such reps.

4.TRX Knee Tucks: 12 reps

  1. Make two leg straps at your mid-calf length and place your feet in the foot cradles.
  2. Now lift your knees up while they tugged on the straps and make a plank position. Keep your position straight without an arch or dip.
  3. Bring your knees close to your elbows, extend your legs and reach back to the first position.
  4. This makes one rep.
  5. Do 12 such reps.

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 5.TRX Pikes: 12 reps

  1. Make two leg straps at your mid-calf length and place your feet in the foot cradles
  2. Now lift your knees up while they tugged on the straps and make a plank position. Keep your position straight without an arch or dip.
  3. Lift your hips straight up to the ceiling, pretending as if there is a string attached to your tailbone. Lift your back as high as possible and then, come back to the start position.
  4. This makes 1 rep. You must complete 12 such reps.

 6.Bottoms-Up Kettlebell Carry: 20 steps forward or 20 feet

  1. Lift a kettlebell upside down and make a 90-degree angle with your elbow. Make sure you keep your wrist and arms straight. Choose a kettlebell light in weight to avoid wrist movements.
  2. Hold the kettlebell and walk 20 steps ahead, then turn back and walk 20 steps to reach your starting point.
  3. Switch the kettlebell to your left hand and do the same.

7.Cable Crunch: 15 reps

  1. Attach a triceps rope handle to the pulley on the carriage of a cable station. Make sure you adjust the carriage near the top third of the machine.
  2. Adjust to the resistance amount you prefer. Once you are comfortable, you can increase the weight.
  3. Face the pulley and sit in a kneeling position, one and a half feet away from the machine.
  4. Grab the triceps ropes and brace your core putting pressure in your shoulders. If you cannot feel the weight, try increasing it. There should be a stretch in your arms while performing this exercise.
  5. Keep your elbows parallel to your thighs and pull both the handles with bent arms.
  6. Return to your starting position and maintain your strength. This completes one rep.
  7. Complete 15 such reps.

Safety Note: Kindly practice these movements under the guidance of a trained professional.

Try these amazing intense ab movements exercises to tone your ab muscles and let us know what differences you could feel in your body.

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