Love Is No Love, When It Revolves Around One Person

You know you’ve stepped in a puddle when life lights up with the ‘ping’ of Whatsapp notification & not first rays of the sun, when lips form an upward curve only on ‘his’ texts & calls, when your every dress is bought to impress him and not yourself, when you realize that ‘gone are the days’ when you used to enjoy your own company & now a second away from him is torture. If your heart is beating a ‘yes’ to all these claims, then you should know that you have surpassed the phase of ‘love’ and what left is called – ‘Addiction & Possession’.

Love is no love, when it revolves around one person. It should be about two people equally, shared between those fuzzy moments and sad soirees. As the famous saying goes, ‘there is a limit to everything’, so is to loving someone. Love someone to an extent that you are still in love with yourself. Love becomes an obsession the moment you start putting yourself at stake to get that love. You can’t make anyone happy before you know what happiness is all about. You can never become anyone’s ‘shining ray of hope’, if you have no idea what’s it called to become hopeless. You can never bring a smile to anyone’s face, if you don’t know how to smile yourself. Never wait for someone at the cost of losing your sanity; Never put your dignity at stake for anyone, no matter what the price maybe; Never surrender yourself to someone at the bait for receiving more love; Never sell yourself to someone if the price comes in the name of ‘love’.

We all crave attention, love and some sweet moments of happiness. But in the chase of achieving it, we often put a lot at stake. Those lessons & morals that we learnt the hard way are all put at stake as that handsome boy crosses the path and says a ‘hello’ in his sultry voice. What follows after that is- a few stolen glances, flirtatious talking and a heart beating faster! Soon, we end up in a remote corner to ‘give-in’ to the lust. We all make choices, but we forget that, that beautiful night does come to an end. That boy promises to call, but he never does. And all we are left with is the taste of his tongue, a vague promise to call and a bagful of expectations. Ice-cream and staying in bed late partially works to lighten ourselves, but after a long wait comes guilt and the ‘second guessing ourselves’. And finally, the day comes when there is another party and we promise ourselves ‘not to get carried away’. But then it happens again, with a handsome ‘Hi’ and a sultry voice.

So, what is this? A momentarily desperation, the hormones or just the need to feel wanted?

Let me break this to you, girl! This is LIFE. C’mon, you are young. You have the luxury to make mistakes, and get ‘carried away’ with the BAD boy and wake up with the ‘taste of his tongue’ (only to vomit the next day!). These ‘Fuck Boys’ are the only ones who can make us open our eyes to the GOOD boys. Without them, we would never realize the goodness out there. So Honey, if you decided to get laid this weekend, or kiss a retard or get yourself involved into any desperate act, then know that it was for good. Don’t blame yourself or second guess your decisions. Rather own them, because they were all yours and not someone else’s. To shine like the sun, you’ve got to know what it feels like to get BURNT. And to the ones, already in a relationship, love yourself first! He can wait.

And to the singles, when you finally meet your MATCH, you would know how priceless he would be for you. So keep your chin up, throw that box of tissues away and face the music– you never know, which kiss might turn the frog into your PRINCE! So never stop chasing or get chased- after all life is all about THE CHASE.

Don’t forget to write to us about your encounters with the FUCK BOYS (if you have one!)

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