10 Simple Relationship Etiquette Rules To Follow

When a guy is ready to go out of his way just to see you happy, then know that he is the one you can share your umbrella with. Yes, both of you have to come under this one umbrella to pass any storm which is awaiting your presence. The storm can come in any form to test how deep the waters are. We’ve got you the right amounts of ‘gin n tonic’, ‘hot n cold ‘and the ‘right n wrongs’ to strike the right balance in your love life. Here are simple and essential relationship etiquette rules you must follow to keep your love alive:

  1. Keep reminding your lover how much you love them

Sometimes, you just want to hear it from them. Or else, if you are lucky enough, your lover would be a little creative in showing it to you.  A girl needs to know how much her man values her. A man should get to know that his woman is never going to leave him. Leave a note if you cannot say it out loud, but make sure that no day passes without one simple ‘I Love You’.

  1. Listen & understand 

Listening to someone or lending your one ear to them is like the golden rule of every relationship. You have to let them know that at the end of the day, you are there for them to listen to their blabber or else to share all your amazing tad bit of tales from everywhere. That’s what love is all about, sharing.

  1. Surprise them

Love is also about surprising and getting surprised every now and then in your life. Treat your love like may be they’re a miracle that happened to you because love is no less than a miracle. In fact, love is THE miracle of life. And when two people claim to be in love, it means that they deem to live this miracle in every way possible.

  1. Don’t keep secrets

Keeping anything from your lover breeds doubts. And when a person is chased by doubts instead of those small tiny butterflies of love, then you should know that this is a negative sign. So, always be very transparent with your lover.

  1. Shower them with hugs and kisses

Just like an advice, a kiss or the expressions of love are free and you should always be overly kind with them to shower them on the person you love. A kiss on the shoulder or an intimate hug shared at the corner of the road are those small but delectable ways to make your lover know that you cherish them.

  1. Be crazy together

Yes, be childish and overly idiotic with one another. Start a pillow fight when snuggling under those covers in the night or start a food fight suddenly as you two are having the regular meals of the day. These little things would bring that “fun” factor back in your relationship or give a start to something really new and interesting.

  1. Invite their friends over

Unless you don’t actually respect your partner’s friends and kin, you will have a hard time being around them. Try getting to know your lover’s circle, speak to them and become friends with them. Trust us, this is one way thing your partner will always love you for.

  1. Support their dreams

Make it a point to ask about their work and also at times, when need be, visit them at work. Try to know your partner’s work atmosphere, what they do, what are their goals, where do they wanna reach and so on. This would not be called intruding. In fact, this considerate side of yours will make them fall for you even more.

  1. Meet & greet the ex very nicely

Ex is a very over-hyped term in the relationship bible. Trust us, your partners ex shouldn’t bother you. You have got to treat them with a sweet smile and not a strange look like they are some aliens. Respect them and speak to them just like you would with any other friend.

  1. Make them smile

Last but not the least, it’s very necessary that your lover is happy with you. So, make it a point to put that sweet curve on your SO’s face every time you can. Leave no stone upturned in making your partner’s life easier.

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