Got No Date This Valentine’s? Starbucks Has Got The Right Beverages To Keep You Hooked

Image Source: Popsugar

Valentine’s Day comes with a bucket load of no-frizzy-hair-hour, no bad-breath & I-can-taste-love-on-my-tongue trends. No matter whether you are that single girl who thinks she is a nun or else a duff out of the cool girls’ group, you are all set up to feel the love oozing out this Valentine’s day. Oh no, I am not going to assign you to blind dates with hot geek gods. Rather, I would remind you single girls out there that food can be your full-time loyal supporter too. If a boy can happen to secrete that love hormone called ‘dopamine’ in you, so can food. So, gear up for the ‘food is love, love is food’ campaign, as we are about to reveal what Starbucks has arranged for you all.

Remember the old season molten chocolate cakes, from 1991 when Jean-Georges Vongerichten added it to his menu and this dessert spread like a total love wildfire around the globe? From Applebee’s to Carnival cruise line buffets, it was just everywhere! So, Starbucks have thought to bring it back in action, just to bring some love-dopey action going over there with you, on this Valentine’s Day.

Starbucks is all set to get back on board while bringing back the three Molten Chocolate Inspired Drinks for this Valentine’s week only.

They introduced the drinks called – A Frappuccino, a hot chocolate drink and latte just before the Valentine’s Day last year and I must warn you- that all the drinks became such a hit amongst the people that the brand oozed them back offering them first in its U.K stores and now in the U.S. too.

So, on 8th of Feb this year, Starbucks unleashed these three monsters out there to conquer your hearts and cage you in their love spell! These three monsters which are inspired by the delicious Molten Center Chocolate Cake are – Molten Chocolate Latte, Molten Hot Chocolate and Molten Chocolate Frappuccino.

Before you sign yourself up for fun & love, do you want to go through the MANUAL?

Image Source: Popsugar

The Molten Chocolate Latte

At first, it starts with the melted chocolate chips stirred into espresso before it gets topped with steamed milk and a swirl of bittersweet mocha sauce. Finally, after all the labour work the drink is garnished with a special mocha and espresso-infused whipped cream and an espresso mocha sauce drizzle. Ta-da, your drink is ready and the best part- one can always order this love sensation– hot or cold! (Whichever way you like it to be served!)

The Molten Chocolate Frappuccino

This is the coffee which is mixed with the rich mocha sauce and chocolate chips which are all blended with milk and ice. Oh no, this is not the end (we have just got started!). Then for the special touch of love– the drink is garnished with that special mocha and espresso-infused whipped cream and espresso mocha drizzle too.

The Molten Hot Chocolate

This one here is a “love bomb” too! This combines the bittersweet mocha sauce and chocolate chips which are melted into the steamed milk so that it’s super smooth, rich and creamy. Also, you can go ahead & ask for more love in the form of extra mocha and espresso-infused whipped cream and the espresso mocha drizzle too.

So there it is! The Valentine’s Day is awaiting you with all these lovely beverages which can truly make you feel loved and satisfied even without a real lover! (Who wants a DATE, when you have got a total TREAT waiting for you?) Go, and relish it!

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