15 Surefire Signs You’re Dating A Fuckboy

Fuckboy is the answer to the question why it’s hard to gain trust in a relationship. Fuckboys blend in pretty easily in the crowd and are often hard to spot unless of course, you end up dating them. These desperate lots aren’t good even for a fling. At best, they can be good for a one night stand. At worst, they’re a total waste of your time.

Here are 15 Surefire signs that you’re in a relationship with a fuckboy, who you need to ditch fast af.

1. He frequently begs you for nudes, even when you clearly dislike it.

2. He makes up a vague hang out plan, but never calls you to follow up.

3. After not having spoken to you for weeks, he tries to initiate a conversation on snapchat, instead of calling you.

4. He is all about small talk. Meaningful conversations are out of his lingo.

5. He will shadily show up only when ‘making out’ is involved in the plan.

6. He never makes you meet his friends and there are grim chances that they even know you exist.

7. He disappears for days like the sun in monsoons and when he finally re-emerges, there’ll be no explanation like everything is perfectly normal.

8. He will make a pass at your hotter friend because he is just a perverted lad who clearly can’t control his pants.

9. You’re dating? Or it’s simply a fling? You will never know. Probably he will tell you that he doesn’t believe in labels (Major WARNING sign).

10. He is disrespectful to his mother and other women.

11. You will never have an idea about how many other women he’s seeing or flirting with.

12. He labels all of his exes as “crazy” or “bad”.

13. He is all about fun & chilling. Ambition won’t ever be in his dictionary.

14. He confuses you by being nice at times and totally mean and cold the other times. Probably, he keeps you hanging on this thin wire of hope.

15. And the most classic one- “How about Netflix and chill?”

Share with us your experiences of dealing with a fuckboy in the comments section below. 


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