10 Mind-blowing Quotes By Suspense/Thriller Author Sidney Sheldon That’ll Inspire You Incessantly

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Sidney Sheldon, an American writer and producer sold his first poem for US$5, when he was just 10 years old. Nobody knew then, that this little wonder boy would be dazzling the world with his suspense thriller novels in the future. The one highlight of Sidney’s books is that most of his protagonists are ambitious and independent women who know how to break the stereotypes and make history. Sidney is one great suspense author after Agatha Christie, who can fuel your curiosity and can make you never put the book down until you finish it. If you aren’t a Sidney Sheldon fan, then be ready to change that.

“Sing me no songs of daylight,
For the sun is the enemy of lovers
Sing instead of shadows and darkness,
And memories of midnight” 
― Sidney Sheldon

Let’s find out the amazing Sidney Sheldon’s quotes, which can make you pick his one of the books-

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