10 Smart Phrases That Can Make You Look More Assertive At Work

workSmartness is not a virtue, but a sheer act of spontaneity to say the right thing at the right time. It’s not a matter of incessant planning or continuous thought, rather it’s all about reading between the lines and acting spontaneously. Alongside sharp dressing & platform high heels, words also play a quintessential role in deciding your assertiveness at work.

Here’s a round-up of 10 phrases that can make you look assertive at work and score some brownie points.

1. “Doesn’t matter if anyone does it or not, but I am going to make sure that it’s done!”

If you’ve got some plans stuck in the pipeline and no one at work seems bothered about accomplishing them, then simply use this phrase and get going. Being determined and strong-willed about your motives will encoruage others to step up their own game and join the force.

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2. “Hey, that wasn’t so bad after all.”

A number of times, some unwanted situation, event or person will crop up at the workplace, diminishing everyone’s morale. Take your power back and remark, “Come on, that wasn’t so bad after all.”

Appreciating everything and still explaining certain errors will help the co-workers remain in high spirits at work. On the contrary, discouraging comments will only reduce the morale of the workers and make them view workplace in a negative perspective.

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3. “Rome wasn’t built in a day. So, let’s take one step at a time.”

This ideology puts every action into the right motion. It disintegrates illusion from reality. Excessive planning and stressing over those smartly tailored plans makes everyone slip into an unwanted zone. Using this empowering phrase at the workplace will help people to focus on the present-day plans while improving their future results.

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4. “If nothing works, I can always do more.”

Work is always filled with gains and losses. You win some, you lose some. That’s life. However, a mindset that you can always do more, not only lifts you up but also empowers you beyond limits.

It’s natural to get sad or a little discouraged when things don’t work out. However, a setback can always be transformed into a powerful comeback.

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5. “Someday is going to be just our day.” 

We all have that particular “someday” for which we work our ass off. However, visions and goals tend to get blurred with time, making us lethargic and laid-back.

At all such times, using this phrase will not only turn heads up from the computer screens, but also rekindle that lost spark in people’s eyes. Reminding people of their dreams and a wonderful future will also remind them why they came here in the first-place.

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6. “Passion is everything. So, a little insanity wouldn’t harm anyone.” 

Passionately remarking this phrase to people on a daily basis will encourage them to come up with insane ideas that can turn into meaningful inventions. Every inventor created his first invention with a crazy idea, that people ridiculed him for.

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7. “Thanks for keeping me in the loop, but I can’t make it this time.”

A number of times you’re invited to dinner dates or movie plans by your co-workers and goodness knows it that how grateful you are for these invites. Nevertheless, it’s not possible for you to be present everywhere, every time and saying a blunt “no” would obviously sound rude, whereas remarking “let’s see” will only make you look indecisive.

In all such times, the safest exit remark that will retain your power is, “Thanks for keeping me in the loop, but I cannot make it this time.”

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8. “I got this!”

And what do you do when the workload is building up and someone offers you a sympathetic word or two? You probably give in and confess, “Yes, I’m under a lot of stress.”

The next time you’re facing one such situation, make sure that you do not collect people’s sympathies, no matter how rough your day at work is. After all, empowered people can handle anything, literally anything. So, you should rather be assertive and remark, “I got this!”

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9. “I’m not pretty sure at the moment. Mind if I think about it for a while?”

I’m sure we’ve all come across at least one such co-worker who tries to hurl or impose his decisions on us, forcing us to do something/go somewhere, without giving sufficient time to think and act. At all such times, we hastily give in simply because we do not know what to say.

So the next time such a situation confronts you, take back your power and assertively remark, “I’m not pretty sure at the moment. Mind if I think about it for a while?” 

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10. “Let’s dazzle the world out there!” 

This phrase seems like something to be remarked before a rock concert or a thrumming dance performance. It might be remarked to some athlete or a cricketer before his big game. But have you ever wondered why this phrase is so particularly used?

Well, this phrase hits the right spot in the hearts & minds of people and incites a drive in them to go out and make it happen. It ignites their passion and creativity like nothing else.

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Just dressing yourself to work or else wearing a limited edition watch won’t make you assertive & powerful amongst your fellow co-workers. If you really wish to be heard, then you’ve got to target people’s passions.

Appearances might leave a good impression, but to really inspire and empower someone, you’ve got to choose your words wisely.

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