5 Reasons Why A Fiercely Independent Woman Is The Most Ideal Lover You’ll Ever Come Across

An independent woman is a Beyoncé in a world full of trumps.

Her bag is gabbana, her attitude is savage, her charm is all-consuming and her life is a KJo movie. You might think she is one gold digger but really she has got no sugar daddy. She is the woman poets write about and Casanovas dread. She might come off as a materialistic possessor at first instance but actually she wants it all perfect for herself. She’s done the merry go rounds but they don’t seem to woo her anymore. She’s somewhat too far above the reach of a Don Juan but she’s paradisaical for her Romeo. She’s the lady who loves all too deeply but knows what she is worth.

She’s the lady who’d bring something more than just love to the table, she’s got her bills paid in time and her business up their high. She’s got that whole purpose passion driven, go-getting slay the world kind of vibe. She’s the one who could show you a million galaxies and stars if handled rightly but also a million hells if played with.

Here’s why an independent woman is the most ideal lover you’ll ever fall for.

1. An independent woman will challenge & inspire you

There’s probably nothing as inspiring as a fiercely goal-oriented, motivated woman who has it all going for herself. She’s not only a lady who has your back, but she is just as hungry and matches your hustle. She’ll throw challenges on your path just to see you shine out brighter like a diamond & bolder like a rock.

2. An independent woman will be anything but clingy

A fierce lover that she is, you’ll always have the sparks and fireworks with her but she’ll rarely, if ever, act clingy or possessive. An independent woman knows the appropriate times and ways to show her love. You might be a part of her life but not her entire life. In all, an independent woman will always have a life outside of you and that’s exactly what’ll charm you towards her.

3. An independent woman won’t deal with your crap

This bold lady will grin at you if you tell her what to do and how to do it. She’s got her own ways and she’ll be upfront and honest whenever you slack. Remember, an independent woman wants you, she doesn’t need you & if you start acting up, you might go even days without hearing from her.

4. An independent woman will be your mirror

She’s got a heart as gorgeous as her latest dress from Prada but also, she’s not the one to mess with. An independent woman will reap exactly what you sow in her. Love her and she’ll show you the stars. Break her heart and she wouldn’t care to have the last say. She won’t sit around waiting for you to realize you screwed up. She’ll rather deck up in those diamonds, her favorite dress and get out having some fun.

5. An independent woman loves everything about love

While she may not be the girl waiting for you on the dinner table or the one who sets up your closet, an independent woman will love you in thoughtful ways and charm her way into your heart. Her fierce yet detached way of loving will set your soul on fire and leave you craving for more.


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