7 Friendly Apps That Can Make Any Woman’s Life Simpler & Better

Every woman’s life is raided with the burdens of in-laws nagging, changing baby’s nappies, running on a cleanliness spree, picking up the wet towels from the floor and so on. The time slips away like water from a vessel in a woman’s life. Then there are those moods, where she wants to read that article but suddenly some uninvited guest shows up. At other times, she doesn’t remember her social media passwords because her head is so overloaded with other house chores. So, this brings us to the importance of some user-friendly apps that can make any woman’s life much simpler and better.

  1. Pocket (iOS; Android): Wish to read an article but got some house chores? This app can save the online article which you come across and the videos too, directly from your browser. This one also works when you don’t have the Wi-Fi facility so that you can catch up on the saved pieces on your way to work.
  1. Teux Deux (iOS):  This app is here to cut down your efforts to keep re-writing your “To-Do-Lists”. One can manage the daily to-dos in one place with Tuex Deux. You can simply mark off the finished tasks while the unfinished to-dos are rolled over to the next day for your convenience.
  1. Trello (iOS; Android): This is a project management app which is great for collaborating with a team, if you are brainstorming some ideas, monitoring checklists or else allocating duties to people. It is also helpful in case you are organizing any barbecue dinners or night galas at home, and have a team of people to manage.
  1. Turbo Scan (iOS; Android): Turbo Scan is a convenient app which allows you to take the pictures of any document with your smart phone and then  turn them into the PDFs or jpegs. This will help you avoid the hassle of storing the heaps of hard copies or other paperwork. This app is great for moms with school-going kids.
  1. 30/30 (iOS): When you are multitasking many things at a time, it can be really hard to concentrate. 30/30 can help you manage your work cycles by setting the timers for the particular tasks. When the time is less, you can focus on getting one task done without any further distractions.
  1. Last Pass: (iOS; Android) Happen to have a million passwords to remember for the social websites? Last Pass is one secure method to store all your passwords in one single place.
  1. Doodle (iOS; Android): Doodle is a miracle for those who hold meetings with many people from different workplaces. Doodle makes the participants submit their daily schedules and then comes up with the feasible time for the meeting.


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