How To Look Taller At Work: 10 Style Rules That Won’t Fail

If you’re the kind of girl who subconsciously tries to make herself look taller and more assertive than her co-workers, then you’ve come to the right place. Trying to tower above others is not just about appearances, it is also about attitude; an empowering feeling that enables women to take charge in a male-dominated realm.

Now, the most obvious answer to every woman’s question on how to make themselves look tall is high heels. Although the answer is not wrong, it is definitely banal. Surely there has to be more than one way to achieve the illusion of height. And guess what, there most definitely are!

#1. Vertical Patterns

Look Taller

One simple solution is to wear clothes with vertical patterns, such as pinstripes. The added advantage is that vertical lines also bestow the illusion of thinness. Talk about two birds with one stone! Just make sure the colors blend in with each other and are easy on the eye, and you have an elegant solution to avert judgemental eyes away from your vertical challenge.

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#2. Monochrome Clothing

Olivia Palermo Lookbook

Monochrome clothes, usually dark colored ones, can also make you fake a taller image. This is because wearing differently colored tops and bottoms would draw attention to your body as two sections unequal in length. A uniform color ensures that the whole body is framed as a whole, thereby deceiving the onlooker about your actual height.

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#3. Plunging V-neckline

For the bold and the brave, a plunging V-neck is a sure fire way to come off as vertically competent, because it makes the torso look elongated, and therefore, makes you look taller. Select the depth of V-neck according to your office dress code.

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#4. High-waist Pants & Skirts

When it comes to adding length to your look, flowing gowns and billowy tops are strict no-nos. The safest bet is to stick to high-waist pants or maxi skirts paired with slim belts that contribute actively to both chicness and illusory tallness. You can also opt for high waist culottes in bright colors like burgundy or navy blue. So tuck your tops into those high-waist skirts and pants to fake the perfect tall & assertive look.

#5. Paneled Dresses

If you’d ask us our number one item to invest in to look taller, we’d name a panel dress. Dresses that come with a vertical panel down the front, contribute to your style quotient as well as your height. Many boss ladies and celebrities like Anna Kendrick swear by this effortless look to appear taller, thinner and more powerful.

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#6. Tailored Fit

The overall form and fit of the clothes is another area of concern. The seams need to fit perfectly at the joints, and the sleeves should neither cover the wrists nor fall short of them. Super thin sleeves also make your arms seem longer than they are.  

Figure-hugging clothes such as sweaters and halter tops are also a good choice to make yourself look taller. Steer clear of oversized jackets or hoodies that make you look like a cuddly bear.

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#7. Pointed-toe Stilettos

Pointed-toe flats are a smart choice for petite women because they enhance your toe line and add a bit of sharpness to your legs. Stilettoes, obviously, still remain favorites, as do high flats, which add a certain ‘oomph’ factor in addition to making you look taller. A pointed-toe stiletto is a go-to look for Hollywood celebrity Scarlett Johansson.

Furthermore, shoes with low cut vamps are also a great pick because they give your legs a streamlined appearance, thereby making them look longer than they are.

#8. Minimal Accessories

Accessories, such as handbags and clutches must not be allowed to hang below the waistline. Wearing a cardigan or a jacket that does not fall below your waist can also add to the illusion a good deal. Besides, you can always use a thin belt to fake a taller look. Furthermore, hats, sunglasses, and scarves will help divert attention away from your height.

#9. Voluminous Hairstyles

If you’re working hard on your styling skills to appear taller at work, then you just cannot miss the hair department. Short, bouncy hair, such as bobs, can pronounce the length of your head, and give the appearance of having added a few centimeters (inches would be too greedy, ladies!) to your body.

And when it comes to styling your hair, there is, of course, the trick of combining it vertically, like into topknots, which add volume and a few more centimeters to your height. A tightly knit singular braid that stops just above the waist is also a dapper way to make you look taller. Ladies with curly hair, throw away that flat iron and let your frizzy hairdo bounce away in all its voluminous glory.

#10. Upright Posture

Lastly, it’s not just about the clothes you wear, but also about how well you pull them off, that can boost your image at work. Have you ever wondered why the same dress that appears average on you, looks like a stunning haute couture number on your super confident co-worker? Well, it’s all in the way you carry it.

An erect posture, chin pointed upwards, eyes forward and above, long strides and a bounce in each step will go a long way in convincing others that to look down, and downwards, at you, will be at their own peril.


The workplace can be an exasperating space where one is constantly under scrutiny. Add to that a diminutive stature, and you are left with the feeling that people are always talking down to you. By incorporating some smart dressing sense and fashion nous, as we have seen, one can dispel any discomfort regarding one’s height, and rise above others, both literally and metaphorically.

A truly empowered woman is a confident woman; confident in her appearance, her skills, her clothes, and most importantly, in herself. So, dress up and stand tall, ladies.

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