The Best Sunday Brunch Buffets In Jaipur

Brunch: the socially acceptable excuse for drinking in the middle of the day.

It’s Sunday, you’ve just woken up, and it is well past the acceptable time to consume breakfast. And it’s too early to dive into what you should have for lunch. That’s when the miraculous brunch comes in; you can get dressed up and catch up with your friends and release all of the stress from your 9 to 5 job over a mimosa, or a bloody mary if that’s more your speed.

And if that Sunday brunch is a buffet, it is all the more brilliant. You can eat and drink as much as you want and get a really nice picture for your Instagram while you’re at it.

Now, Jaipur houses quite a few places for your Sunday brunch, and we have listed the best five places you should definitely check out in the coming weekends.

Café Bae

This chic café serves all-day breakfast including a brunch serves all-buffet on Sundays that’s super easy on your pocket. Apart from that, they also have an extensive menu that offers various cuisines ranging from Tex-Mex to Thai. They have also devoted an entire section to freshly baked goods. It is rated a whopping 4.6 stars on Zomato, 4.3 on TripAdvisor and 4.5 stars on Google. Customers especially love their pancakes, and many reviews say that the place has a very cozy and homely ambiance. The vast menu of milkshakes and mocktails offered also seem to be a favorite among the customers. Their ₹499 Sunday brunch buffet from 9:00m to 12:45 pm is worth trying.

Address: A/1, 21, Sahkar Marg, Near 22 Godown Circle, C Scheme, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302006

La Palma Cafe and Lounge Bar

La Palma is a minimal, classy outlet that serves up a wide variety of European cuisine. This place is a favorite among locals, tourists and food bloggers alike. The presentation of their food and the delicate, chic decor of the cafe is very inviting on a casual Sunday if you plan on spending a laid-back and relaxed day. It becomes all the more inviting because they also have a bar with an extensive menu. Customers have rated La Palma 4.4 stars on Zomato, 4.4 on TripAdvisor and 4.3 on Google. Their brunch buffet costs ₹2199, and it includes unlimited cocktails, so you are in for a good time. You can also catch live music being performed, so it is a brilliant atmosphere to spend a Sunday.

Address: The Hotel Garden View Subash Marg, Nr, Ahinsa Cir, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302001


Okra is located within the Marriott hotel in Jaipur. It is renowned for its lavish buffet spreads, and the Sunday brunch should not be missed. They offer Indian, Asian and continental cuisine, so one is in for a treat. With a classy and grand ambiance, it is an exciting place for large groups of people. The brunch costs ₹1599 and lasts through 12:30 PM to 4 PM. Customers mostly love the varieties of delicious food that is served. Though they are open all day long, the star of the restaurant is their brunch buffet. Okra is rated 4.3 stars on Zomato, 4.2 on TripAdvisor and 4.3 on Google.

Address: Ashram Marg, Near, Jawahar Circle, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302015


Iso Cafe & Bar

It’s in the name itself if you want to get delicious drinks during midday; Iso Bar is your go-to place. Apart from the chill, sleek and old school pub ambiance; they also offer live music, sports screenings and a lot of booze! Their Sunday brunch costs just ₹449 and ₹1199 if it’s a cocktail brunch. The cocktail brunch is quite delightful because they allow you to create your own DIY drink. It is rated 4.5 stars on Zomato, 4.2 on TripAdvisor and 4.3 on Google. Customers love the atmosphere of the bar and their service. They offer a wide variety of options in their brunch for such an affordable price; Iso is worth checking out.

Address: 1st Floor, Clarion Bella Casa Ashram Marg, Tonk Rd, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302017

So, you guys better have plans this Sunday!

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