“Looks Aren’t Everything” Priyanka Chopra Wins Beauty Of The Year Award

Indian Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra poses during a promotional event for Maxim India in Mumbai on June 30, 2016. / AFP PHOTO / STRSTR/AFP/Getty Images

We all know Priyanka Chopra for the innumerable, successful movies she has phenomenally played a character in. She is also known for being titled as Miss World. But the most prominent title she has been given is: BEAUTIFUL. And, she indeed is. Her smile is capturing and her eyes are as enchanting as ever. She very recently won the Beauty of The Year Award, too.

Beauty, however, can mean differently to each human being. Literally speaking, beauty means ‘combination of qualities, such as shape, color, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight’. But it does truly differ from person to person. There is the physical beauty and then there is the beauty of the soul; either of which may please one, but not the other. 

It is a common belief that if someone has a petite waist and big lips, they are to be classified as beautiful. Someone, however, with a rounder or chubbier body is to be categorized as ‘ugly’ and ‘fat’. The scale of being beautiful that we’ve found ourselves in is reflected upon by her through and through.

When questioned about the secret behind her being a beauty, she very frankly and straightforwardly answered, “In the world, we live in, the standard of beauty is not really real, and that’s something that we have done to ourselves. I think I realized what all it takes to actually look the way we do on magazine covers and the work we do. That’s when I realized looks aren’t everything, it’s the confidence with which you walk into a room, it’s the ability to do your job to the best of your capabilities.”

What she says, in actual fact, throws light on the walls that the society has created for some, and the walls created by oneself for themselves. She talks about what we’re doing to ourselves, and others, by creating unrealistic statures for being beautiful. 

Priyanka Chopra was also then asked questions in reference to her beauty regime, to which she replied, ” The way that I take care of my skin is to make sure to moisturize it every day. I take off all my makeup before I got to bed, and it doesn’t have to be really difficult. I think hydration is extremely important, drinking as much water as you can, that is truly the elixir of life.” In the future, she aims to be an “extremely glamorous old lady, who will always have an opinion on everyone.” 

She once again so rightly elucidates that being beautiful is not just about physically looking a certain way, but just generally being kind, being confident and simply looking at everything optimistically. 

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Her entire stance merely proves that the renowned and eminent Priyanka Chopra, as we all know her, is not just beautiful from the outside, but has a beautiful mind too. 

To all the young women out there who wonder if their stomach is flat enough, or if their mascara is thick enough, you’re beautiful any way that you present yourself because being beautiful is loving yourself for who you are and being comfortable in your own skin; it is being a good human.

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