Top 5 Instagram Influencers Who Are Teaching You To Stay Fit

Richard Branson so rightly said, “A healthy body equals a healthy mind, and a healthy mind takes care of business.” We as individuals living in the 21st century, juggling between work and home, are in dire need of a fit mind in order to stay sane amongst the chaotic lifestyle we all lead. And the key to a healthy mind is exercise and physical fitness. Other than keeping one emotionally in check, it also controls weight, protects from health problems like heart attacks and high blood pressure, improves respiratory cardiovascular health; the list is practically endless.

 As we reload our Instagram page, it instantly starts flooding with so many influencers promoting numerous types of lifestyles and trends and inspiring people endlessly every single second. In the midst of the profusion of influencers, there are those endeavoring to teach us how to stay fit.

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Niomi Smart

She started only with a lifestyle blog in 2011; today, Niomi Smart is an author and a major Instagrammer influencing about 1.6 million people every day. Not only this, but she also owns a youtube channel with millions of subscribers. Smart runs a company, too, by the name ‘SourcedBox’, which is a monthly subscription. The box contains healthy snacks that are also palatable. 

As you scroll down her Instagram feed, you will find yourself looking at pictures of food that despite being healthy, look delicious. Posts about vegan wholemeal pancakes with peanut butter drizzle and kale crisps naturally make you want to go on a rather finger-licking, yet healthy diet. The toothsome descriptions are followed by a link to her blog for the recipe, making it easier for people to actually implement the diet. Niomi Smart puts up pictures showing off her very perfectly shaped body, making the people sitting on the other side of the screen want the same too. She encourages yoga, healthy eating and working out to stay fit, provoking people to adopt a lifestyle such as hers.

Sam Chhabra

A thriving, and certified, personal coach residing in the city of Jaipur, has one of the most inspiring feeds you will probably ever come across. Sam Chhabra puts up videos on a regular basis regarding workout routines for all kinds of different purposes: triceps, chest, shoulders, and even for toning your back. If the video doesn’t come through to you, he has his captions written very carefully with intricate details about each section of the workout, whether it is the time or safety measures. His own pictures reflect the result of the workouts, really making us want to just get off the couch, leave our laptops and phones, and hit the gym. 

Danielle Peazer

Danielle Peazer is a 30-year-old English dancer and model, who is also more or less a fitness freak. She has a blog with several recipes for healthy foods and workout routines, which aids to motivating people to stay fit. Danielle’s awe-inspiring posts are stimulating for her 1.2 million followers; her feed is what most of us would call ‘ fitness goals ’. She carries out giveaways of workout attires for her followers, only compelling them, even more, to start exercising. Her posts exhibit her profoundly fit and ideally flawless body. Yes, most of us would kill to have toned arms, legs and abs like hers, pushing us to want to become healthier and shove all those fries and pizzas in the trash can. 

Kayla Itsines

Kayla Itsines is a package of fitness. She has an app, book, youtube channel, social media accounts and a whole company dedicated to fitness and only fitness. She is a personal trainer and a successful author of the book ‘Bikini Body Guides’ too, propelling people on a daily basis to engage in a healthy lifestyle. Her five million Instagram followers are taught how to religiously exercise and maintain a healthy diet via her posts that usually include aesthetic photographs of nutritious meals followed by a link to the entire recipe and exercises for different results. You can see the transformations of certain people who re-styled their life for the better. Her level of physical fitness makes us yearn for the same. 

Yasmin Karachiwala

There is a good chance that we all know her. Being one of the most remarkable pilates instructors in the country, Yasmin Karachiwala puts most to shame. Not only is she a personal trainer for famous celebrities like Alia Bhatt and Deepika Padukone, but she is also an author. Yasmin is a ‘fitness guru’ most of us would look up to. Her Instagram page with 639K thousand followers is overflowing with workout routines that can be conducted sitting at home! She shares her knowledge by posting videos that are instructive and really show results. They are usually short snippets of what each exercise is, with the details in the caption. Her influential physical training sessions undoubtedly assassinate the couch potatoes inside us.

These people have really stepped up the fitness game!

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