Slay The Head-To-Toe Red Outfit This Valentine’s Day

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There is just something about a lady in red that makes men stop & stare. Add it to the latest designer numbers and you have one ensemble that will take your fashion game on to the next level. However, narrowing in on to the perfect dress for V-day is no easy feat. It can be quite a challenge to pull off this bold colour without looking too flashy or over-the-top. Luckily, we’ve got your back.

Here are some essential tricks to slay red outfits effortlessly this V-day-

  1. Pick the shade according to the time

Think of the colour red and a plethora of different shades will come to your mind. Opt for different shades from the red palette depending on the time of the day. Stick to bold shades of red such as cherry red for an evening dinner date whereas for an afternoon date, opt more subtle shades and try to tone them down by pairing in neutrals. Cherry red, garnet red, wine red and blood red are perfect for the nights you wish to look super-sensuous and leave your SO starry-eyed. On the other hand, sassy dresses and jumpsuits in lighter shades like blush, rose and brick red are an impeccable choice for the day. If you happen to be work bound on V-day, team up your dress with nude coloured accessories and shoes to dress down a little.

  1. Dress it up or down with other colours

Tone down your sultry red dress with a pop of cream, fawn or off-white add-ons. This will add a sophisticated vibe to your outfit and not make you look overdone. On the other hand, if ordinary isn’t your thing, you can dress up your red V-day outfit by pairing it with bling jewellery, gold pumps and a sassy clutch. This look is sure to make your lover’s jaw drop!

  1. Pay proper attention to the fit
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Any piece of attire can be made to look classy and chic if it’s tailored to fit you right. Get your V-day dress made according to your latest body measurements and hide those problematic areas with little extra inches of cloth at that place. Opt for designer pieces in the right styles and cuts that suit your body type. Also, make sure that you check the fabric of the dress. Opt for lighter fabrics for the day and rich, lush fabrics for the night.

  1. Bright & daring prints

Give a break to the mundane outfits. Opt for red dresses, skirts or jumpsuits in graphic, bold patterns that lend grace and superiority to your persona. Go for stripes prints, floral prints, dotted prints or bold digital prints in the daring colour. You can also combine printed skirts with a cold-shoulder top to slay the fashion game. Keep it simple and clean when it comes to the workplace but don’t be scared of experimenting for a date.

  1. Use red as an accent shade

If you’re bored of all-red dresses and need to take a break, then make the shade a side-kick of your outfit and watch how it comes out. You can pair red culottes, pants or skants with white or off-white tops for a change. Red also works great as a scarf colour or the shade of your next designer heels. Incorporate different colours of this shade such as scarlet, apple, ruby or candy. A stylish red tote can also be your ultimate accessory for any V-day outfit.

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  1. Intricate embroidery and embellishments

The combination of red and gold is simply magical and the one that leaves every one starry-eyed. Opt for dresses with delicate embroideries and embellishments that make other women swoon in envy. This colour also works great in combination colours like silver, beige and off-white. All we’re saying is, don’t settle for boring.

Whatever styling technique you choose for your gorgeous V-day outfit, make sure you’re comfy in it!

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