On Being A Man In The Women’s World

Steve Madden made it big with his maverick skills on helping a woman wear the best footwear out there. In a recent interview with ETPanache, Steve Madden opens up about his struggles & journey of getting ripped off and then making it BIG in the world out there. Find out how this famous footwear company dazzled the women out there.

Steve Madden used to work at several shoe stores before he started his own company. In 2002 Madden was convicted of the stock manipulation, securities fraud and sentenced to 31 months in federal prison. According to the reports, Madden was a client of Stratton Oakmont, the investment firm started by Jordan Belfort who is famously known as the Wolf of Wall Street. Madden had to resign as CEO and from the board of directors of the respective brand. But who can stop the lion, if he wants to bounce back with more power and energy and Madden just did that.

An Overview of Steve Madden’s Journey

“I’ve always loved shoes” as said my Madden. When he was in high school, he used to work at a local shoe store in his town. He used to interact a lot with the customers and thus gradually realized that he had a sort of knack for helping the women pick out shoes. So after his college, he also worked in a factory which helped him get good insight on the manufacturing and designing side. “It all just came naturally to me, and I loved doing it”, said Steve Madden.

How Does He Feel About Being a Man in the Women’s World?

As said by Madden, the very fact that it’s different, makes it interesting. “It keeps us on our toes to make sure we always have new, edgy styles”, remarked Steve Madden.

Reflect Back On His Prison Time

As he made a mistake, he used that prison time to work on himself. He decided to jump right back with new ideas as he thinks that there is much more to the world. He was also scared that no one would love his work the same way they used to do before his prison sentence. But, he understood the fact that people would be able to relate to his story because it has those human flaws.

Steve Madden, As the Strong Businessman

Everyone close to him, knows that he is brutally honest and straight-forward. So as a businessman, Steve Madden uses that to his greatest advantage.

What Are Your Views on the Trend Forecast?

According to Steve Madden, the sneakers are still on fire and are scorching through the current trends. Also, their company loves to experiment with velvet and satin and are confident about the sneakers. The hottest thing one would find in their collection is vinyl shoes. Also, the online market is booming too.

Where Steve Madden Would Be If Not in Shoe Business

“I would be a golfer. When I’m not in the office, you can find me on the golf course”, as said by Steve Madden.

The Most Inspirational Pick on Steve Madden

“No matter where I am, I am always looking at people’s shoes on the streets to see what the hottest trends are”.

Here’s to one of the best shoe designers whose work has made an exceptional place in every girl’s wardrobe.

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