Here’s To The Woman With A Crazy Heart & Even Crazier Dreams

Here’s to the woman who woke up this morning hungry for the world. Here’s to the woman who needs more to quench her mind and soul than gossip magazines and hasty Saturday nights. This is for the woman who needs more than just likes on her instagram and followers on her snapchat to boost her ego.

Here’s to you. You, who sneaked out of bed this morning with your heart on your sleeve and ideas swirling in your mind. You, who woke up beat from last night yet ready for all this day has to serve you. You, the chaser of your dreams & slayer of your goals, the work hard – play hard, love fiercely kind of girl.

Here’s to you. The woman who has endured strangers and loved ones alike, putting down her dreams, the woman who has soaked up every bit of the sunlight and shines from within like a star on fire, the woman who grew up listening to fairy tales and prince soirees but never believed in one, the woman who has heard endless success lessons given by men, for men; the woman who day in and day out gave her all to her career, home, family, spouse and yet asked for nothing in return, the woman who knows what she wants and waits for no one to bring it to her. Here’s to you empowered goddess. You, who endured endless days of long hours and burnt the midnight oil building the life you dream of. The woman who wants a man but doesn’t need one, the woman who is looking for her sword and not her knight, the woman who chases goals and not gold, the woman who’s on a path but doesn’t know where it ends cause that’s all a part of the adventure. This is for you, the woman who doesn’t find her success a compliment simply because she has a double X.

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You, darling. Your life’s a prelude to an unwritten legend. Your ideas are stardust and cosmic and everything heavenly. You are more than just a pretty face. You are more than skin and lips and pretty smiles. You’ve got more than just homes to run & children to raise. You’ve got empires to build and goals to conquer and guess what? You will. Not because you are flawless or a woman, not because you will not trip, but because you’ve got perseverance and what it takes to be there. You will accomplish all that you set out to because you’ve got the bag load of people’s disapproval because you’ve got mouths to slam shut and more than anything, you’ve got yourself to prove something.

Here’s a gentle reminder to you, girl. Ask yourself, what’s setting your soul on fire & keeping you awake at night? What is it that gets your blood rushing and brain storming? Where do you put yourself on your own independence scale?

This is a reminder to you, you’ve got endless power within you and no matter how many struggles hunt you down on your way to the top, you can conquer anything!

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