11 Work From Home Jobs For People Looking To Restart Their Career

Getting back to work after a long break seems to be like a tough job for many people. There are many people around who demotivate themselves by believing that a break from one’s work pushes them away from all the possibilities to kick-start their career again. To all those who’re struggling to push that career button, here’s a list of top 11 work from home jobs to restart earning from the comfort of your own home space.


Expected Salary: $41,889

Skills Required: Writing experience or familiarity with certain interests or a specific field. Well, a bachelor’s degree isn’t necessary to be a blogger. Be passionate about the topic you plan to blog.

Blogging has become one of the fastest and easiest ways of earning money and creating your own platform to portray your ideas and discoveries. If you are someone who loves to write, tell stories to people and share your ideas with them, then you can indeed change your hobby into a passion and earn some money from home. There are many mommy bloggers who have restored their career in this field just by blogging about their home life and routine habits.

2. Marketing Specialist

Expected Salary: $49,513

Skills Required: Creative imagination with numeracy and analytical ability. A Bachelor’s degree in management or business administration is a plus point for additional knowledge.

If you are someone who can relate to marketing strategy and negotiation skills with an active presence of the audience, then you can try working as a marketing specialist for various companies. There are many companies looking around for marketing specialist either on a part-time basis or permanent basis to work as the marketing coordinator, SEO specialist, and content strategist to create a brainstorming content and impact in the market. To add it up, the pay for this job is really good.

3. Customer Service Representative

Expected Salary: $36,592

Skills Required: Good communication skills and excellent command over the language.

You don’t need any specific qualification to work as a customer representative. Throughout the day, you’ll have to just deal with a lot of contacts and communicate regarding the customer grievances or other help queries. Well, this seems to be an easy job, but, you need to have a lot of patience while dealing with the customers. Side by side, you’ll also have to manage your emails to interact with your clients and customers regularly.

4. Health Coach

Expected Salary: $45,336

Skills Required: Proper knowledge about the various fitness regimes and understand different types of healthy boundaries.

Grounded people are usually a lot more health conscious than others around them. Why not try to utilize those skills and dedication to create your new career out of it? Yes, you got it right. There are many people who look forward to working under a well-experienced health coach. People working from homes can diligently work on their fitness routine and at the same time help others to get in shape.

5. Online Teacher

Expected Salary: $45,462

Skills Required: A bachelors degree in your field of specialization. And an experience certificate if you have one.

With the increasing use of internet and technology, knowledge-gaining methods have also changed drastically. Online tutoring is another way that has become one of the highly adopted means to start a career from home. Though some employers may ask you for your credentials whereas the other might let you start afresh.

6. Virtual Assistant

Expected Salary:  Around $10 to $15 an hour

Skills Required: Task organizing skills and a full dedication to work in a multitasking environment.

Many companies look around to save some employment cost and instead prefer hiring a virtual assistant to manage their online activities and posts. Under this job you’ll have to typically reply to emails, enter data, manage calendars and assist social media activities.

7. Travel Consultant

Expected Salary: $39,982

Skills Required: Proper telecommunication services and excellent sales marketing skills.

Staying at home, you can start working as a travel consultant online. There are a number of people who look forward to proper travel consultants to make arrangements for individuals, groups, and businesses. This is an excellent field for all those who are seeking self-employment and wish to start their own career. You just need to take care of making the proper arrangements and establish effective communication with the customers.

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8. Affiliate Marketer

Expected Salary: $1000

Skills required: Good communication skills and active interaction with the audience to promote your affiliate code to a wide reach.

Affiliate marketing is one of the most renowned marketing platforms in this digital world. If you are someone who has a wide audience presence on social media and love marketing, then affiliate marketing is definitely for you. It is simple referral marketing where you are provided a unique code and with which you can earn a commission when somebody enters your code to make a particular purchase.

9. Graphic Designer

Expected Salary : $27,000

Skills Required: Bachelor’s degree in visual arts or graphic designing. Creative ideas, typography, Web Designing, and excellent communication skills.

Unique ideas and creative concepts when put on right place can do wonders. People staying at home can easily look forward to becoming a home-based graphic designer provided, you have proper skills and knowledge in the field. There are many companies looking forward to appointing excellent graphic designers to design their logos, brochures, magazines, and corporate reports. If you are confident about your skills and experience then you should definitely try your luck with this job.

10. Social Media Manager

Expected Salary: $50,000

Skills Required: SEO optimization skills, content creation, and effective research and planning in social media.

Social Media management is one of the most interesting work from home jobs. For all those who can easily manage social statistics and come up with new marketing ideas, this is an ideal job to re-start your career. There are many organizations who are looking to hire people to manage social media accounts and build a strategy to expand their reach in the market.

11. Transcriptionist

Expected Salary: Up to $25 per hour or more

Skills Required: No specific skills required. Good listening and communication skills.

If you don’t feel you have any special skills and qualifications to restart your work, you can still build your career from the comfort of your home. This work from home job requires you to listen to certain audio files and type out what you hear. To make it more comfortable and easy, there are different levels too in the job which you can select as per your convenience to work. It is one of the flexible jobs which require a little or no prior experience to work.

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