This Is What Real Love Feels Like

      Isn’t it strange how we’re all programmed to think that real love is perfect and poetic when nothing that’s real is perfect? Isn’t it strange how storybooks and romance movies have made us accustomed to the fact that when love strikes, everything’s going to be magical and dreamy? We spend days and nights imagining that special someone who’d never wrong us.And when we find someone that’s even nearly promising, we start placing them on a pedestal and believe them to be the ‘ideal’ person, only until one day our imaginary bubbles break and the real reality creeps in.

Real love is anything but poetic, it’s chaotic, and it’s finding beauty in that chaos. Infact poems were made when love wasn’t enough or around because real love doesn’t need words to justify it. You see that person doing something as normal as checking their phone and the gorgeous sunlight coming in through the window lights up their eyes, with flattering lashes long enough to make you swoon with envy and you suddenly realise in that moment, that you want this forever. It suddenly hits you that how something so simple and routine could become so interesting with them beside you. It hits you in that moment that you’ll want them by your side all your life.

Real love isn’t all physical but it isn’t even entirely skin deep. It’s a chaotic combination of the two. That person might have charming blue eyes but at the end of the day, it’s his kindness reflecting through his eyes that makes you fall for him all the more. You might have loved his smile when you saw him at first, but over the months, it’s his honesty and the hurt behind that lip’s curve that makes you love him beyond measure. His gorgeous face might have made you fall for him but it’s his blood ambition and his soul’s warmth reflecting through it that makes you stay.  But that in no way guarantees that your real love won’t hurt you or put you through rough patches. He will. And probably, you also will. And that’s exactly where the beauty of it lies; when you fight any hurt because your belief in this real love is realer than anything else.

You realise that you’re not 100% compatible with this person and that’s okay because you’re not 100% compatible with any damn one, not even yourself. You realise there might be days when he’d go south when you wish to go north but you’d still go south for him because love is like the two wheels of a car, if any of it goes in the opposite direction, the car simply won’t function. You also realise that you will not have a single frown on your face giving up your teenage love rules just to be with this person that revolutionised your view of love. Real love makes you realise how you were actually craving the simplest pleasures of life that none of your lavish dates or previous lovers could bring you. You realise love is a comforting hug when you’re low and a kindling fire when you’re high and on-the-go.

Real love hits you right when you’ve forgotten what love feels like and it might come silently, sneaking under your covers or it might come like a roar, unabashed and unapologetically beautiful. But when it comes, you don’t ask any questions or seek any assurance because you know it’s there and it’ll always be there even if you go days without catching up. You don’t have to question a real love because you never doubted it in the first place.

This is how REAL real love feels.


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