What Makes A Girl The Woman Of His Dreams

Dior, check.  Louboutins, check. Diamonds, check. Sexy Lingerie, check. Attitude, Double check!

So, here we are, discussing the kind of women men actually fall and stay fallen for! If you’re really into that hot guy from your French class or the cute coffee shop crush and wish to make him fall, step 1- stop wishing. Remind yourself of who you are and stand up to your birth right pride. More often than not, women keep chasing plastics in search of a fairytale and end up losing themselves. Let me remind you ladies, this is exactly the kind of tribe gentlemen averse and maintain an arm’s length from.  So what is it that really attracts a man? Let’s delve a little deeper and know the true blue characteristics of a dream girl!

#1 She’s a dreamer, doer & believer

There’s something irresistibly sexy about a girl who has everything going on for herself and doesn’t dream of her prince charming to bring her all the luxuries of life. This lady has more than just good looks to bring to the table. She’s not the one to second her future because she knows how to get there. Men might love to play all alpha in a family but they also love a woman who matches their hunger and hustles like a man. Men subconsciously relate success in career to success in relationships because a woman who will strive hard in her business goals will also ultimately strive for a successful relationship. When things get rough, this lady won’t simply quit and take a backseat. Instead she’ll know how to work her way through the wet patches and come out shining brighter than ever.

#2 She puts up a great conversation.

Stimulating conversations make a man go head-over-heels crazy.

There is something about the woman that can touch a man without actually touching him. This lady might have her flawless list of the designer perfumes, Prada shoes & next chick flicks but dare you mistake that as all of her. She’s got an intellect that can put Harvard to shame and make you second guess all your degrees. This woman knows everything going on in the world and has a keen interest in making it a better place. Her critical thinking will engage your senses. There is something innately appealing and highly sensuous about a woman who speaks her mind and minds her words. Furthermore, the drive to become successful is the biggest turn on there is.

#3 She steals the show.

She dresses like a royalty and walks like she owns the world. As she strolls down in her Manolo shoes, all the eyes are set on her. There’s a charm in her ambitions and sparks of confidence when she speaks. And mind you, this confidence has nothing to do with her good looks. There’s something mystically alluring about her aura that draws everyone into her circle. She is the show stealer. Having such a royalty by his side, a man won’t mind giving up on even his spotlight for her. But mind you, she isn’t just a trophy to have by your side, instead she is someone who can complement you in ways you never thought of. When a man has found a lady like that, there’ll be no more searching.

#4 She is outrightly optimistic and deeply affectionate.

Affection and optimism are two things every relationship quintessentially requires. It goes without saying that a woman who openly expresses her love and keeps her calm even on the darkest days is the one who will entice a gentleman. It’s very warm and welcoming to a man when he finds a bestfriend in her lover and can share the gloomiest days with her, lying on a couch, staring at the star-studded skies and simply talking about worldly things, stupid things and any damn thing.

Just like every woman dreams of foreplay and chivalry, men too crave cute & affectionate gestures like stroking his hair, correcting his tie, pouring him a drink, welcoming him with a kiss and so on. These smallest things are what leave the deepest impressions on a man’s heart. A true man would give up on a million hot girls for a lady like that.

#5 She has a life outside of him.

Men love women who understand that relationships are just a part of your life, not your whole life. A woman who has interesting things going on for herself, a set routine and some goals that don’t include you is anyday sexier than a girl who waits for her guy to comeback and give her all the attention. This lady doesn’t ask for your attention because she already has it. She neither chooses a relationship above her friendships nor her friendships above her relationship. Indeed, she knows how to strike a perfect balance and take everyone along in the journey called life.


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