Which Genre You Should Read, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Our personalities and zodiac signs find their way into our preferences of the book genre as well; if you’re a hopeless romantic, romantic novels do it for you, if you’re passionate about the language, poetry is your pick! Whoever you are, whatever your mood is, there is a book genre out there that suits your personality perfectly.

Capricorns usually don’t believe in astrology, but Pisces are known to be passionate about it. Regardless of whether you believe in astrology or not, it works. So, if you’re looking for a new book genre to try, or you’re an astrology lover, here is the ultimate guide on Which Genre Should You Read, Based On Your Zodiac Sign.


Genre: Drama

Ambitious and authentic, Aries crave excitement in their lives. Love triangles, heartbreaks, intricate storylines, drunken fist fights are exactly the kind of content you need to quench your thirst for some dramatic action. Read drama novels to divert all of the drama to your imagination, where it’s safer!


Genre: Mystery

Always known for being stubborn and determined to reach the goals, Taurus folks love ensuring safety and stability and cannot rest until every one of their questions is answered. The joy when all the loose ends are tied at the ending of a mystery novel is incomparable for a Taurus.


Genre: Short Stories

Being the social butterfly that you are, as a Gemini you mostly spend all your time with your friends or making more of them, so finding time to read is a struggle for you. Geminis are known for their short attention spans from birth, and how easily they adapt to any new changes. With something new, short and easy to read every day, you will be content.


Genre: History

As cancer, you are the most prone of all zodiac signs to psychic capabilities and supernatural tendencies; this obviously, makes you most connected to the past. Your curiosity along with your compassionate nature help you understand and sympathize with people, and characters from a different era. Further, you’ll have a jolly good time deciphering Ye Olde Angles.


Genre: Romance

As much as they hate to admit it, Leos are born romantics. Passionate and loyal, caring and spontaneous, Leos make the best partners. Any storyline that’s about two complete strangers falling in love, or two people falling out of love, gripping love triangles or even a simple love story is what makes a Leo happy.


Genre: Non-fiction

Hard working, realistic and avid learners, Virgos would any day prefer a good informative blog as compared to an epic fantasy-adventure novel. Pick up a biography or a true story, a magazine on current affairs or read a blog on modern-day topics to keep your head buried in your new read.


Genre: Poetry

Poetry requires a unique and intellectual depth which Libras have in large amounts. Libras are lovers of the finer aspects of art which makes them the best poets and readers of poetry. Also, poetry is one topic which can always be used for interpretation and you’ll find yourself spending a lot of time interpreting and understanding the book you’re reading, which is a fun way to groom your mental capacity.

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Genre: Crime

Known for being egoistic and wickedly calculating, cunning and very good detectives, crime novels were made for Scorpios. You are also the most intuitive of all the signs and you’ll find yourself solving the crimes faster than the written detectives themselves. Also, Scorpios love control, and catching the killer at the end and watching him get what they deserve will thoroughly satisfy you.


Genre: Sci-fi

Sagittarius folks are forever looking to quench their wanderlust and urge themselves to find new thrills, and go on many new and daring adventures; they are courageous and spontaneous. A Sci-Fi novel is the best for you, because parallel universes, alternate theories, secret worlds, unimaginable graphics are all your cup of tea. So, roam into these unknown realms to satisfy what the world you live in can’t offer you.


Genre: Satire

Capricorns are known for their focused and sensible sides, but they also have a playful side which does need attention too. Although comedy shows are a great way to spend your time laughing, Capricorns tend to get distant often and books are the best substitute for the same. Indulge in some old fashioned satire to have your sides hurting before the end of the day!


Genre: Action & Adventure

Aquarius are the most rebellious of all zodiac signs. They tend to break rules simply because they are there, so you will enjoy action- adventure books, where the protagonist usually faces problems because of rebelling against something or the other. Free thinking and courageous, you need things done your way, no matter how risky the outcomes may be. Reading an action novel would give your rebellious side a chance to take over and enjoy itself.


Genre: Fantasy

You prefer to believe in idealistic illusion rather than reality. You are psychic and down to earth. Kindled spirits, magic and endless possibilities in fantasy lands are just what you need. Talented and artistic, you can not only enjoy fantasy novels but always write some of your own, describing illusions of your mind’s crazy imagination.

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Regardless of your zodiac sign, make sure to try out other genres too. It’s not easy when you have a favourite, but there are always books that are perfect for you in genres you don’t know of yet.

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