From the last of the fall leaves to the first of the winter breeze, November is arguably one of the best months. Breathe in that serene, inspiring autumn air, feel the fallen leaves crunch beneath your shoes, and enjoy the best season of all.

The face of the cover for this month is the successful and passionate, Shagun Chowdhary. Creating history as the first Indian woman to qualify for the Olympic trap shooting event, Shagun has been shooting since the age of 2 along with her father. A player of ONGC, Shagun is supported by the Olympic Gold Quest. In this month’s issue, Shagun will share her journey with our readers, in an interesting conversation.


All throughout November, our thoughts go out to the breezy fall winds and the emerging festivities. Merging this seasonal experience with the different facets of life, we endeavor to offer you content as fresh as the season, all throughout the month, while consciously interweaving it with our inherent theme of Empowerment.

Our last month’s issue was well-received and we hope the same for this month, thanking all our keen readers and followers.

Extended Thanks To:

Shagun Chowdhary, for being the face of our cover.

Rohit Kamra, for designing the stunning outfit.

SUJAN Rajmahal Palace, for the perfect location.

Muskaan K. Kumbhat, for makeup and styling.

Mitesh Punjabi, for photographing the cover.

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