10+ Body Language Signs That Prove She Is Attracted To You

10+ Body Language Signs That Prove She Is Attracted To You

When a woman starts feeling a connection with a man and is attracted to him, she might want him to make the first move; but she’ll never hold off from using body language signs to let him know how she feels about him.

With a lot of features to be used in so many different ways to her advantage, she’ll make sure that you know what she wants and when she wants it. All you have to do is look out for certain body language signs that will help you differentiate between platonic friendships and seductive gestures.


It’s a well-established fact that eyes speak better than lips. If she makes a strong eye contact when you’re talking to her, it means that she’s paying attention. If she likes you, she’ll playfully wink at you to make you smile. She’ll use her eyebrows to convey things she doesn’t want to say out loud. Look out for the body language signs conveyed by her eyes, they’re one of the important ones.


Women like to drop their flairs all around the men they like, including leaning in delicately yet effortlessly to blow the man of their dreams by the irresistible feminine charm. When a woman is leaning into you, she wants you to know that she’s comfortable being close to you physically as well as mentally.


It’s instinctive for a woman to be happy and excited around the man she is drawn to. She can’t help but smile whenever he walks by or talks to her, it comes from within. She’ll even laugh at your average jokes as if they’re the funniest jokes she’s ever heard. Look out for blushful smiles; they’re calling for you.


A woman’s hair can be transformed to present her as anything from a cute girl to a sexy and powerful goddess. At times, she will want to bring out her childish side when she’s too comfortable, but if she’s attracted to you, she’ll want you to see her confident and classy French twist. If she’s playing with her hair a lot whenever you’re around, it’s probably because she wants you to play with it too.

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 Crossed legs that are pointing towards you are one of the sure-fire body language signs that she is interested in you. She will wear shorts or skirts to expose her legs which she knows guys are attracted to. She’ll also make sure you look at her walk; a move that Rachel Greene (Jennifer Aniston) demonstrated in F.R.I.E.N.D.S.


When a woman is into you, she will flaunt her sexiness to get your attention. An arching back with chest pulled out to boast the breasts and straight legs that emphasize the posterior are indisputable body language signs that she’s into you.


 Her hands are her medium of establishing physical contact with you without being inappropriate. She wants you to feel comfortable around her, so she might touch your arm every now and then to get you to open up to her. She won’t be sitting with her hands crossed if she likes you, her hands will be open by her sides. If you notice her touching you whenever she gets a chance, it’s one of the definite body language signs that is speaking to you strongly.


 Ever noticed a woman’s nostrils while you’re with her? It’s a common phenomenon that when a woman is with the man she’s attracted to, her nostrils start to flare. They could even signify that she’s sexually enticed towards you.

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 A woman knows that if a man likes her face, he really likes her because it is associated with the connection they share and when he thinks of her, it is her face that comes into his mind. She might try to put the spotlight on her face by resting her chin on her hand, or even just facing you when looking from afar at a public event. She might even rub or wiggle her nose cutely to get your attention.


 “Your lips- my biggest weakness, shouldn’t have let you know. I’m always gonna do what they say!” –Justin Bieber (You smile, I smile)

When a woman is using body language signs to convey that she likes you, her lips will always be glossy. She’ll even bite them sometimes naturally, yet flawlessly. She’ll make sure that they look fabulous and kissable. Do listen to what they’re saying, she’ll use her words to woo you as well.


 Women undoubtedly want to attract men that they’re attracted to. This makes them more conscious about how they look and what they say when they’re around him, resulting in nervousness. Deductively, their heart skips a beat and starts beating faster whenever they see him or are talking to him.

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A bold woman knows how to use body language signs to express her feelings without having to say anything and get exactly what she wants. Keep an eye on these signs if you like a woman, you’ll definitely know how she feels about you.

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