The Only 7 Self-Empowerment Apps You Need To Install On Your Phone

7 self-empowerment apps to install right away

Empowerment, especially of oneself, is the most sought-after achievement. Self-empowerment is all about having faith, gaining skills and working the two together to up one’s confidence enough to feel indestructible. No one can give us power, we either have to establish it ourselves or take it by our own feats.

We millennials can hardly part with our smartphones for long, so why not use it wisely?

Here’s a round-up of 7 self-empowerment apps that you must install to up your empowerment quotient. Some of them free, most also offer premium plans for digging deeper into the programs.


With only positive reviews trickling down its way, one can surely sense why. With a focus on finding balance and satisfaction in every aspect of one’s life be it work, fitness, family and more, Remente one of those self-empowerment apps that allow you to rate your contentment level and improve your life in the aspects you want to. This app helps you focus on your priorities and helps you track your mood whilst you are at it. Simply good!

My Affirmations

It is not uncommon for us to delve into a negative mood due to stress, overwhelming responsibilities and poor health. Of course, we do get the positive vibes while we are with our loved ones, however, when one is alone and perhaps in a foreign land far away from near and dear ones, it is not easy to keep up with positivity. Here’s where ‘My Affirmations’ could really do the magic. With affirmations for health, relationships, wealth and more, one can even record these affirmations in their own voice for a more personal touch.


What can be a better way to empower oneself than accruing oneself with knowledge? Curiosity is a one-stop app for all things science & technology, culture, language, psychology and more. Designed to present short articles, this one is sure to keep you updated with the latest knowledge on anything.

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One of the quirkiest self-empowerment apps, Forest enables the user to build a tree (focus) and keep up with it. If you lose focus, the tree dies. Designed to help users keep focus and reduce smartphone usage, this app is also environment-friendly. Spending virtual coins gained on the app helps plant a tree. Now, this sure hits two goals with one stone!


With a tagline ‘Celebrate the good around you’, Happier targets the millennials with the right thought. We are constantly cribbing about how things are not a certain way and the stress that we have when the reality is that we assume that we are entitled and create stress in our lives with our own thinking. Featured on the biggest print media, this app offers bite-sized courses to help you focus on the good in your life. Download Happier right away to exclude the negative thought pattern we all tend to develop over time.


A catchy app thanks to its graphics, Headspace is based on mindfulness. With cute animations, this app is also kid-friendly. From mini exercises to package or single sessions, headspace has it all. Train yourself for a fitter, healthier and a harmonious ‘you’ both physically and mentally. Many scientific researchers acknowledge the role of meditation and how it can rewire your brain to be more conscious and young. A beginner at Meditation? This app is perfect for you.

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The feeling of self-empowerment instantly doubles up when you feel empowered not just mentally but physically as well. With the fast paced lives that we all are leading, fast food has become the norm to survival. However, we are also acquiring chronic diseases at an earlier age than our preceding generations. Although packaged food does mention the calories packed, the food made at home and in restaurants have no mention of the calories. Although high calories and fat do play a role in our health, the kind of fat and the source of calories matter much more. This app helps you track your daily food habits and allows you to maintain a healthy eating habit. Much needed for the health-conscious yet junk-food loving generation, isn’t it? You can also tie up with a coach for a more personalized diet or exercise plan.

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