Attract The Love You Deserve In 10 Simple Steps

manifest loveThere’s a time in life when we’re young, full of hope and excitement shining in our eyes, ready to hold on to someone in the name of love, not understanding the depths of the notion as well as we should, but willing to go all the way regardless of the fogginess that surrounds us during that time. Later, after many mistakes and anguishes, we realize that life is not a movie and we need to awaken a level of realism and maturity in ourselves to be able to feel how great love truly is. It is only after that epiphany, that we can hold the fate of our love life in our own hands and sway it in the direction we want to without taking away the elements of surprise and zeal from the course of exchanging affection. So here’s a round-up of 10 simple and mature steps that you can take to attract the love you deserve.

1. You Can’t Truly Love Another Until You Know How To Love Yourself

Ever wondered what the secret of attracting affection is? It’s not being perfect or being who other people want you to be. It’s self-love. Simple, yet essential and graceful. Once you have accepted all your shortcomings, embraced all your qualities and are not fearful of working on your fears, you will have a confidence that will attract people to you.

‘They’ll either want to kill youkiss you, or be you.’ –Suzanne Collins

 2. The Minute You Settle For Less Than You Deserve, You Get Even Less Than You Settled For

When you are completely aware of yourself and treat yourself right, you know exactly what you want and you should not let anyone tell you that you can’t have it. Settling is a wrong choice for many reasons- you always think about what could’ve happened, you become unhappy and the other person becomes unhappy as well. They deserve happiness just as much as you do. Don’t be afraid of waiting for the right one, they might be just a few steps away from you, also waiting to find you.

 3. Open Your Heart To What The World Has To Offer

When you’re looking to attract love in your life, you will have to keep your mind open to having new experiences, meeting new people and taking risks every once in a while. Go out to new places and say ‘yes’ to all the opportunities and grab as many adventures as you can. Who knows, you just might meet someone who’ll be willing to offer you the love that you would want to reciprocate.

 4. Have The Passion To Lead The Life You Deserve

Love is an important part of life among many others. It is your obligation that you give equal importance to all of them to be able to live the life of your dreams and attract the love you deserve. Be highly motivated to achieve success in your field. Have some goals and dreams and focus your energy on doing what you must to fulfil them. If looking for love is all you’re doing in life, you’re living wrong, my friend. Remember, passion invokes passion, so you will meet someone with the frequencies that you’re radiating yourself.

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 5. Hold On To Your Optimism

“The more you feed your mind with positive thoughts, the more you can attract great things into your life.” ― Roy T. Bennett

Speaking of great things, being your own ray of sunshine in your days of darkness will ensure that you’re never going to fall off into the deep end. Yes, this world can be a piece of work, but you must learn to bloom in it like roses bloom in the thorns. Not losing hope and moving forward with your life with a healthy mind, free of negativity will shape you to be a ray of sunshine that everyone wishes they had in their lives, and it will help you attract the love you deserve.

6. Dare To Live, Dare To Love, Dare To Dare

How many times do you just sit at home with your cup of coffee, staring out of the window and wondering about the ways life could be different, more joyful and you could be making memories right now but instead you’re sipping coffee just like any other day? You have to learn to surprise yourself everyday by doing something you wouldn’t have done the day before. That is how you grow and experience something new. Love is a risky business. It requires daring, and you better be ready to dare if you wish to attract the love you deserve. Asking for love demands that you are ready to react to it with equal magnitude.

 7. Let Your Past Only Be A Lesson, Not Your Future

A number of times when we’re really upset due to some unpleasant events, we give up on optimism and rehabilitation. That’s not healthy, that’s destroying your chances of becoming happy. You have to be smarter than that, you have to be in control of your emotions, learn from your mistakes for future references and continue living life to the fullest. One thing you need to know is that, it only needs to work out once for it to last forever.

 8. Be Realistic

A realist is not someone who does not believe in miracles, a realist is someone who will wait for miracles to occur in front of their eyes before they can believe in them. You cannot expect a prince charming to knock at your door and take your breath away so you can be his princess forever. You need to understand the realities of life and mould your expectations accordingly and only then will you be able to appreciate people for who they are and they will appreciate your realism and be even more attracted to you.

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 9. Be Ready To Meet Other’s Expectations

One core thing to learn in this step is that you have to return the love you’re receiving. If you have expectations, so do others. It’s attractive when you ask for something that you can provide as well. Up your levels to meet your own standards because that is when you will ensure that you’ll attract the love that you truly deserve.

 10. Slow And Steady Will Indeed Win The Race

It’s important to be patient when you’ve just met someone new, it’s never a mistake to be aware of what you’re getting into and learn more about the person before you actually commit to them. You don’t want to be standing in a situation where you have to break your promises because you made them too soon. If you take it slow and keep it natural, you will build a healthy and strong relationship that you’ve always wanted.

Be sure to infuse these qualities in yourself to be the perfect companion one can hope for and love will come to you as if someone sprinkled love cookies in the world that are making people fall for you. Yes, that someone’s you. *wink*.

“Do not pull; just attract. Do not demand; just love.” ― Debasish Mridha



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