What Makes You So Lovable, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

what makes you lovable based on your zodiac sign

The month of love is here and we can’t help but think of ways to show affection to our loved ones. Find out what makes each zodiac sign oh-so-lovable.

1. Aries         

Birth date: Mar 21 – Apr 20

Element: Fire

Personality traits: Driven, Competitive, Adventurous

What makes you lovable: Arians have an inner drive to succeed in everything they do, and they never hold back. Though these traits may put off some people, most find them admirable and something to look up to. This courageous outlook and outright optimism, mixed with a dash of passion is what makes rams oh-so-lovable. This is also the trait that makes rams the most protective and loyal lover. Believe it or not, they’d go to any length to protect the ones they love.

2. Taurus

Birth date: Apr 21 – May 21

Element: Earth

Personality traits: Patient, Calm, Motivated

What makes you lovable: Taureans are grounded folks who prefer to steer clear of problems. They have a practical outlook towards life, and do not really succumb to stress. This makes them excellent counsellors when someone runs into a problem, because a Taurean will always give you realistic advice. Their inner strength also makes them very dependable during crises. Besides, some of the most lovable traits of taureans are- determination, ambition and consistency.

3. Gemini

Birth date: May 22 – Jun 20

Element: Air

Personality traits: Aware, Alert, Pondering

What makes you lovable: You can recognize a Gemini when you see one. People born under this zodiac sign are loved for their wit and sarcasm. They’re blessed with the knack to keep any conversation interesting and alive. Geminis are also easily bored, so they constantly seek out new paths of excitement, making them ideal buddies, because others can partake in that excitement too.

4. Cancer

Birth date: Jun 21 – Jul 22

Element: Water

Personality traits: Sensitive, Intuitive, Emotional

What makes you lovable: Cancerians are extremely in tune with their emotional realm, making them the most caring and compassionate beings. They are always helpful, and they possess an intuition that offers guidance to others, for which they are well loved. Besides, they’re outrightly loyal to their close circle.

5. Leo

Birth date: Jul 23 – Aug 22

Element: Fire

Personality traits: Creative, Extroverted, Jovial

What makes you lovable: Leos are energetic and always on their toes. They emphasize fun and joy above all other things, making them sociable beings. They’re the life of every party and can dazzle you with their suave magnetism. Besides, hanging around them will definitely guarantee a good laugh or two… or hundred!

6. Virgo

Birth date: Aug 23 – Sep 22

Element: Earth

Personality traits: Methodical, Practical, Efficient

What makes you lovable: Virgos are known for their efficiency and perfection. Bosses love them because they always get the work done in time, and their work is always nothing short of excellent. Their fastidious approach to life make them no-nonsense beings; a trait that is often overlooked but, nevertheless, loved by many.

7. Libra

Birth date: Sep 23 – Oct 22

Element: Air

Personality traits: Balanced, Affable, Peace-loving

What makes you lovable: People born under this zodiac sign crave balance and justice. Though they do not seek out conflict actively, they will always be the first to raise their voices against injustice; a trait admired by many. They are also the most easy-going and fun-loving beings, which is probably why they make friends so easily and are adored by all.

8. Scorpio

Birth date: Oct 23 – Nov 21

Element: Water

Personality traits: Intense, Passionate, Hardworking

What makes you lovable: Scorpios are a fearless and bold lot; attributes that many find admirable. They are super passionate when it comes to work, and are always in a bid to better themselves at every turn. Their intensity may seem scary at times, but it is always focused on constructive affairs and this is why people love them.

9. Sagittarius

Birth date: Nov 22 – Dec 21

Element: Fire

Personality traits: Free-spirited, Idealistic, Tough

What makes you lovable: People born under this zodiac sign are imbued with a thirst for freedom and a hunger for travel. They are always keen to explore new avenues and prove to be the ideal travel buddies. Their enthusiasm is quite infectious, and their strong convictions and open-mindedness are welcomed traits for anyone looking to indulge in stimulating conversations.

10. Capricorn

Birth date: Dec 22 – Jan 19

Element: Earth

Personality traits: Dependable, Disciplined, Self-control

What makes you lovable: Capricorns have a great degree of control over themselves, and pride themselves on their self-discipline. They are also polite, and dependable when it comes to helping their friends. Their silent but sure sense of resoluteness will serve as an ever-present shoulder for those who need one to cry on.

11. Aquarius

Birth date: Jan 20 – Feb 18

Element: Air

Personality traits: Independent, Team player, Generous

What makes you lovable: People born under this zodiac sign are rare beings who thrive in both solitude and in a team. This is because they have a good sense of individuality, and are yet kind and compassionate when it comes to others. Their humanitarian outlook towards life is what garners appreciation and admiration from many.

12. Pisces

Birth date: Feb 19 – Mar 20

Element: Water

Personality traits: Easy-going, Empathetic, Artistic

What makes you lovable: Pisceans are an aesthetic lot, so one can always rely on them for tips on interior décor. Their profound sense of empathy also makes them caring friends who often offer excellent advice when it comes to emotional problems. Their even-tempered nature makes them instantly likeable to those who meet them.

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