A Guide To Sexy Summer Legs – Put Your Best Foot Forward

With the onset of summer comes the inevitable need of jamming all your sweaters and full pants to the back of your closet and putting all your tank tops and shorts to use. Summer is the season of complying with the rules of exposure and letting your soft hands and sexy summer legs breathe the soothing and gentle winds. But let’s not kid ourselves here, hiding our legs underneath our full length pants and jeans all through the winter, we neglect to acknowledge our duties to our legs- i.e. we don’t shave, we don’t moisturize them and we don’t care about their appearance since we’re not going to be showing them off. And we all end up regretting that when summer knocks at our doors. Worry not you powerful goddess, the fate of your legs is in your hands and we’re going to help you through your journey of achieving the sexy summer legs by following a simple care routine.

Here’s your guide to sexy summer legs that will leave you wearing nothing but shorts and skirts all summer long.

1. Exfoliate

Exfoliation is the key to getting rid of that dead skin especially after your skin has been dry for so long post winter. Scrubbing your legs must be a daily practice as it will constantly clean the pores on your legs, help regenerate new cells and improve circulation and make your legs smooth and silky. You can even make DIY exfoliating scrubs using various ingredients like sugar, honey, coconut milk, essential oils, etc. So get your loofahs and pumice stones out of the ‘not-used’ pile and start this cleansing exercise for smooth and sexy summer legs.

2. Tone

Toning your legs means harmonizing the definition of your thighs and calves. You don’t want your thighs to be bulky and your calves to be skinny, making them stand in contrast. Many simple tricks like drinking an ample amount of water, eating fresh vegetables over junk food, avoiding high intake of sodium can help you avoid facing these situations. For more effective results, try squats, lunges, skating, step-ups and more. You can even take the 7-day leg challenge that will help you get sexy summer legs instantly and build a habit of working out regularly.

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3. Nourish

Moisturizing your legs gives them the essential care and nourishment they need to become soft and smooth- aka flaunt ready. It is essential to pick your nourishing cream depending on factors like skin-type and weather condition. You do not want to be stuck with a cream that irritates your skin or fails to moisturize it as intended. It’s extremely beneficial to getting sexy summer legs especially after exfoliating. You can even apply it when your legs are still damp to retain the moisture for a longer time. So get your moisturizer and get ready to hydrate your legs. We recommend Victoria’s Secret’s Fragrance Body Lotion.

4. De-tan

Exposing your sexy summer legs might be all fun and games until you come across the devil hiding out right there in the open- suntan. Wearing sun-screen is imperative, but not enough especially in India which is close to the equator and experiences heat at a high intensity. There are many ways you can de-tan at home by using natural ingredients like curd, chickpea flour, papaya scrub, rice flour, and more. You’ll want to perform your de-tan routines at least twice a week not just to remove the tan on your feet and legs, but also to get your natural skin color back.

5. Contour And Highlight

The wonders of contouring and highlighting go way beyond defining your jaw line and cheekbones. You can use them to give the desired definition to your legs and make everyone’s eyes walk along with your legs. Simple body moisturizers or essential oils can make your legs lustrous and ready for the runway. You can even opt for body contour and highlighting sticks or body shimmering and illuminating lotions to walk with model-worthy sexy summer legs.

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6. Pedicure

Your feet get noticed just as much as your calves and thighs and where we’re discussing how to get sexy summer legs, we just cannot neglect caring about the feet.  Remember, feet impressions last. Pedicures are your feet’s best friend for many reasons- they polish your toes and make them look all cute and pretty, they exfoliate your feet and toes, making them look all fresh and youthful, they increase blood circulation and lymph flow which helps remove toxins from your body, they help you relax and release your stress and they improve your nail health. So what are you waiting for? Book a pedicure now; it’s the season to pamper your feet.

 7. Sharp Footwear

Adding sharp footwear to your sexy summer legs is as important as the show stopper on a runway. Whatever shoes you pick, make sure they’re pointed from the front and look sharp. Always keep your footwear clean and on-point. You can try a lot of new styles such as mules, slides and open-toe boots.

So girls, what are you waiting for? Get ready to put your best foot forward this summer with our essential summer-care tips. Don’t forget to share your views in the comments section below.

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