14 Social Media Trends That Every Marketer Should Know About In 2019

It’s 2019 in here. With the increasing speed of passive progress, socializing with people around the world just got better and advanced today. Social media today is not just a mere platform of interactions, but it has also become a one-stop destination for consumers around to find out the best brands and services upon which they can trust. From Kylie Jenner’s Beauty empire to Huda Kattan’s blogging station, the social media was on fire with the battle of these new launches. All of this seems to be a result of enough planning, but throwing some light on the secret of these high trending brands, it has been just smart marketing tips and tricks that got them such a massive audience in a very short span of time.

A successful marketer must know how to increase his audience engagement and offer them their brand experience in a unique way. Well, marketing is all about creating for customers and living it up to their expectation. So here we are, with the top 14 social media trends which every marketer must know very well in 2019.

1.An Increased Demand For Truly ‘Social’ Engagement

Popularity gains appreciation. This is the ultimate truth in social media. People and companies want to work around with those who have popularity and are trustworthy. Social media as a platform to showcase and advertise products and services isn’t just enough in this competitive era. With rapid interactions and quick connections, audience engagement has become equally important on social media platforms. It’s important to engage with them and win their trust to walk strong in the long run.

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2. A Fading Facebook

With the increasing use of other popular social media apps, the usage of the world-famous app Facebook has declined over the years. Marketers need to revive this channel and explore all the possible alternatives and routes to expand and explore their brand. Advertising and engaging on Facebook can bring a lot of positive result to your brand.

3. The Growth Of LinkedIn

Linkedin has become one of the best platforms to connect and discover people from the corporate world and profession. Few marketers have discovered the trick of finding the right people around the world and spreading a word about their products/services across the globe. From a CEO to a strategic manager, if you have a quality content to post, then definitely you can grab their attention no matter what.

4. Instagram Stories

Be it organic or paid, we all shall agree to this that watching Instagram stories are quite interesting. Engaging through IG stories with the target audience has become one of the successful marketing strategies. IG stories draw around 400 million users interest in it. Create stories that’ll keep your audience hooked to your page and conduct polls to know what they think.

5. Interactive Quizzes

Content is the King. The stronger your content, the better will be your audience reach. Create a lively, interactive experience with your customers via quizzes and polls to discover what they expect on your social channel. Spread different ideas with different customers to keep them driven towards your service.

6. Live Video

There’s nothing stronger than an audiovisual interaction with the audience on Instagram. A live video session is the best way to compel your followers to engage with you. An interactive live video is something like fresh and not scripted idea to talk to your viewers. It pulls them more towards your page and increases your connectivity on a large scale. Make sure you utilize this platform to announce and discuss something great.

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7. Social Media As A Trust-Building Platform

No matter which field you belong to, gaining trust in social media is one of the most important things that you need to gain at the moment. Take leaps, but be careful that you maximize your trust-building efforts than increasing your reach. Think out of the box and find new ways to create transparent discussions. Well, it’s your choice to try new innovative ways so, be creative, be active.

8. Consumers As Branded Content Creators

Look out for the great content, creating influencers and bloggers on social media. Getting in touch with these bloggers and promoting your service or product is a great way to push consumers to engage with you. These social influencers are consumers as well as great content creators for other consumers as well. As a marketer keep the rule simple for yourself, generate authentic user-generated content and a strict no to ineffective content. Be social and wise at the same time.

9. More Inbound Requests Through Social Channels

Keep going! As a marketer, never limit or stop analyzing social media tools and platforms to respond to your customers. Working on big platforms and greater channels isn’t easy, make sure you are always prepared to see a large number of customer requests via social media. Keep your existing as well as new customers satisfied.

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10. Brands Using Groups

2019 has seen a drastic increase in brands building groups and chats to share some more insight about their product/service with the audience. This enables brands to reach a small group of people but in a better way with in-depth details about their brand. This might not seem to be that great idea at first, but trust us this indeed can build up your public image very well in the future.

11. Long-Form Content Marketing

As a marketer, keep in mind that making your content interesting is what matters the most. Be it small or big, consumers tend to engage only with what seems to be interesting for them. You’ll see them all geared up in your long posts also as far as you make it interesting. Longer the content, better will be the search engine optimization (SEO).

12. Voice Search On Social Media

With the growing speed of technology in hand, Voice search has become an emerging trend on social media. As a marketer, make sure you create visual content with a hands-free experience. It quickly brings in to the attention of the consumers when they see some message quickly read, watched or listened to. Though there isn’t as such use of voice search on social media but as a marketer, always think a step ahead. Be prepared to face the new trends.

13. More Authentic Influencer Marketing

Don’t run behind the numbers. Look out for organic followers and choose influencers smartly. It’s equally important for marketers to partner with influencers who love endorsing brands and in return their followers like their work as well. Don’t always go for the numbers, rather, keep your approach more authentic towards people and influencers. Influencer marketing can indeed do great wonders if taken in the right direction.

14. More Behind-The-Scenes ‘Reality’

Keeping it all in the light of honesty and reality can pay you more rewards. Audience like to see in what’s there behind the curtains and take part in it. Businesses that let people take part in their backstage activities and welcome new ideas comparatively do well than others.  This might also open a new doorway of opportunities for you.

“You can sell anything If you can tell anything.” Keep your marketing tactics simple and real. The more interesting content you bring, the more will people come to you. We hope these tips help you out to reach your targets in 2019. Do share with us more of such trends on social media and let us know, what you think about them.

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