These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Have The Best Valentine’s Day 2019

February’s already here and Valentine’s Day is around the corner. With explosions of romantic thoughts, cute gift ideas and surprise vows, Valentine’s day is all set to bring two hearts closer to each other. This year, while we all have our own set plans and ideas to make 14th February a low key romantic- love filled day, the stars have something in there to share with us. Believe it or not? The intense Astrology defines a few lucky signs who’ll enjoy this Valentine’s Day a little extra than the rest. Love happens to everyone, in different ways, at different times. No matter how you choose to elaborate your lover’s texts or simply surprise them with a peekaboo, there’s always a new level of courtship and connection with your partner. This is what the astrology defines in depth and states three zodiac signs who’ll have the best valentines this season. These stars tend to have better luck in the love department than the rest and will enjoy their day in the best way!

Stay with us, to find out if you’re one of the lucky zodiac signs to have the best Valentine’s Day in 2019.

1. Gemini

Surprise gifts and winks obviously make your heart skip a beat, but there’s something more exciting coming your way. The moon will be gliding on your side and everything that you’ve always wanted for in love is finally going to happen. Be it marriage, commitments or love confessions, on this Valentines, your every seamless love thought is bound to take a step further without any worries. If you are someone who hasn’t discovered love yet, then be prepared to find it in the most surprising way. Maybe a work trip or some festive event, you never know when the magic will take place. Be prepared to get more than what you always wished for.

2. Libra

This Love season is all set for you with some blooming red, pink hearts and some special love treats. There are lots of revitalizing energy and passion in store for you this Valentines. The sun is assured to be on your side this holiday without any glitch or problems. You’ll get what you want and how you want. Your every little step towards your relationship is going to blossom and bring out a new surprise this valentine. Remember things might not go wild, but they are for sure gonna be too intense and pure for you. Take leaps in your love journey and enjoy every moment. For all those who are single and in search of love, take every step of life as an adventure. A bigger and better surprise awaits for you.

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3. Aquarius

Hold on to that wild breathing Aquarians,this Valentine’s you are going to feel the blazing hot flames of passion and intimacy with your partner. Things might seem to go a little normal for you at the beginning, but as you start off your journey, you’ll see a magical twist in your astrological stars.  The moon is working as a spotlight for you and there’s plenty of chance for you to play and flirt with your partner. Starting right from wine-and-paint night dates to early morning make outs, both of you will enjoy every moment of love with each other. Just make sure that you and your boo have trust on each other without any doubts and that’s it. Your love is all set to blossom with a lovey-dovey romantic vibe.

No matter what star you belong to, always remember that there’s always something special in store for everyone and it’ll reach you at the right time and right moment.  Indulge in your heart and don’t settle for anything simply pragmatic.

 All the best ! May you find your true match this Valentine’s Day.


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