The Top 10 Wellness Trends Of 2018

How many times were you impressed by the lifestyle of your favorite celebrity star? Did your brain ever hit you with a question, how does Gigi Hadid maintain herself? Or you must have wondered, how does Akshay Kumar manage his lifestyle so well? To be honest, these celebs too don’t have a magic pill that does overnight wonders to their healthy habits and lifestyles. It’s because of the wellness routine they follow and the healthy habits they stick to. 2018 is all about getting indulged in super trending wellness routines and giving yourself an extra care and comfort. Taking a note from healthy habits to living lifestyle, there is an equal impact of everything around in shaping you.  Here are the top 10 wellness trends of 2018 to guide your routine for the year and beyond.


Stuck in the hustles of daily life, It isn’t easy to take care of your skincare routine, especially on those days when you face a lot of exposure to the polluted environment and harmful rays. Be it the harmful UV rays or the blue light from your workplace laptops, your face and body skin requires a lot of care to stay protected and hydrated from these unhealthy elements.

Don’t miss out applying a proper serum or skin-barrier-supporting creams, they not only keep your skin hydrated but also acts as a protective shield for your skin and face. Cosmetic chemist Jim Hammer explains that carelessness towards your skin may cause redness, acne, or dryness in your skin. There are many popular brands coming up with a unique line of creams and serums, take care to choose the best among them. A healthy face is a happy face.


Treat yourself with some quality time. Nothing is as important as self-love and care for a woman, be it a house maker or a working woman. This year, make sure you reserve some time for yourself. Relax, have a warm bubble bath, get your manicures and pedicures done and most important of all, don’t forget to go out and shop for yourself. Detox water baths have become one of the most trending wellness habits among a large population of women to relax and pass out all the stress. The whole concept of self-care revolves around taking care of yourself and maintaining a healthy balance of your mental peace and physique.


Going to a gym and shredding those extra pounds to stay fit and healthy will always be on a top list but working under a trainer is definitely not an ongoing trend for all. Everyone loves to do things in the comfort of their own space and time. Hitting gym for an early morning session might be too hard for you. So here it is, 2018 has been trending with your personalized digital fitness studio to work in your own home and be healthy and fit.  If you’ve got the right device, right programme, and the best equipment, then why would you step out of your house? There are many live and archived workout sessions for your guidance and help with the digital fitness studio. Try to engage in an online fitness class to familiarise yourself with the new upcoming brands and exercises. Technology development has designed intelligent body mapping devices which study your body and know it better than ay instructor. Don’t miss out this interesting wellness trend. A good life needs good health.


Moon milk trend is all over the internet in 2018. Drawing its roots from the Ayurvedic treatments and herbs, the centuries-old historic use of turmeric, spices and many naturally extracted herbs have made a  come to the trending list of 2018. Moon Milk is getting all viral with different flavors and fancy herbs as one of the best revitalization drinks of the year. With Ayurvedic ingredients such as turmeric, ashwagandha, almonds, nutmeg, cinnamon, dried rose petals, pistachios, and many medicinal herbs, this magical drink helps you to sleep better in the night and also keeps you less stressed. Try this wellness trend in your daily routine by infusing some of your favorite flavors and enjoy a good sleep hygiene.


The fashion world keeps shifting its focus from one zone to another with the passing time and trend. Well this time, there’s a major shift taking place in the fashion industry with fitness apparels and accessories. A major part of stylists claims that with comfort comes good looks, and it helps to bring out your softer side. The fashion world has taken a step forward to promote super comfy and active wears such as semi-fitted joggers and wide neck tees with some pastel and nude color combinations in comparison with those extra sharp fancy dresses. So, to stay relaxed and super cozy with your styles, pick some athletic outfits this year and flaunt your softer side to the world.


Many health fitness geeks have given a thumbs up to this trending diet plan. It is planned accordingly to burn your fat as fuel, support weight loss, aid appetite control and help increased insulin sensitivity. Keto diet helps your metabolism to break food fast and replenish muscle glycogen, which is an energy source in your body. If you are someone who is athletic and loves cycling, then don’t miss the keto diet this season. It’ll detoxify your body and boost your metabolism keeping you fit for the upcoming days.


It’s  2018 and women are creating new habits and revolutions all around. Working women or young students with an entrepreneurial spirit, like to meet other and share their ideas with others. Be it a women’s literary club, social meets or build random mutual connections, there’s always room for socializing space between them. There’s nothing better than a woman empowering another woman. The more you develop a good connection, the more will you be able to explore more feminine ideas. Make sure you get into such meetings and discussions often to explore and know more about women and their progress in the world. It’ll motivate you to achieve your desired goals in life.


Why always flaunt your Instagram feed with Matcha drinks? After eyeing on almond milk and Matcha, turmeric has made a comeback to the list.  2018 has been a hard time with sharp summers and crisp fall season giving our skin a tough time. To make sure that your skin does not lose the natural glow and texture, skin experts suggest applying turmeric on the skin to balance sebaceous glands, acne scars, and inflammation marks that leave your skin irritated for the next few days. Make sure that before the next big day of your life, you get this trend as a punctual practice for your skin.


Apart from the jumps in fashion trends and beauty routines, 2018 has got into a lot more trending with the interiors too. We always looked for where to live in peace, but never focused on the space as what to create in it to maintain peace. People have come up with a unique idea of designing healthy interiors and getting their decors more sharp this year. Yoga studios, meditation room, reading corners and many more have become an interior trend this season to promote a peaceful and healthy living environment. Small details like crystal pieces, salt lamps, tea coasters, bookends, perfume diffusers are all the mood relaxing elements that one must include in their interiors.


Getting a minimal makeup or a touch of neutrals is always a good idea to give yourself a perfect look. Meanwhile, it’s important to take care that you don’t go harsh with your skin by using chemical loaded products. People tend to ignore the ingredients whilst focusing on the desired shade of their cosmetic product. 2018 has seen a lot of upcoming favorite brands launching bold lip colors and extra pigmented concealers making sure they are organic and cruelty-free to the skin. Take a list and upgrade your cosmetic products to these friendly and perfect skin suiting products to give your skin that extra care and nourishment that you’ve always longed for. So this year, upgrade your must-have makeup products and shine with a bold smile.

Every season demands change from you but health and wellness trends have to be maintained throughout the year to get into a disciplined lifestyle.

Share with us what you think about these wellness tends and let us know what habits you have been following this year to get into a perfectly healthy lifestyle.

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