How To Feel More Confident At Work, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Self-confidence is the first baby step to achievement. In order to thrive for satisfaction and prosperity at any kind of work you do, you can never let yourself get immersed into pessimism or all kinds of critical expressions. The ways to flourish and gain affluence in your career despite the negative vibes around you is in your hand. Nobody is going to do that for you. Every human being is born with flaws but not everybody knows how to diminish the inadequacies and shortcomings.

You might not believe in the power of fate and pre-destined theories about your life but the one thing that you can count on is your personality blooming and growing based on your zodiac sign. Confidence sensitizes and connects our minds, bodies, and spirits and helps us grow emotionally and logically. All these are needed whenever you step into your workspace because it is in our nature to demean others and we help each other in paths of progression in rare cases only.

So, here we have jotted down the ways you can be optimistic, nurture your fortitude and stay prepared always, at your work based on your zodiac sign.

1. Aries

Birth dates: March 21 – April 19

Element: Fire

Traits: Willful, feisty, self-centered, courageous, bold, cold-hearted, independent and reckless.

Being an Aries, you know how to motivate yourself. Your life might yield gradually with the support of other people but ultimately, choices are yours. You can either breed misery or become a sanctum of internal motivation. Once you realize your passion, you will find a way to only flourish in it. There will be plenty of opportunities in your way and it solely depends on you to stay focused and never underestimate yourself on the basis of what your colleagues are saying. Always remember this. That’s how everyone should approach their work- with complete confidence in themselves.

2. Taurus

Birth dates: April 20 – May 20

Element: Earth

Traits: Practical, creative, loyal, modest, sensually indulgent and temperament of possessiveness and dependence.

As a Taurus, you are absolutely perfect at staying organized and any discomposure or embarrassment at work for being unorganized is not your cup of tea. You won’t be able to handle it so carry your confidence with you all the time. By that, we mean that you must make sure that you have all the necessary materials for the upcoming seminar or the meeting in the next five-ten minutes. In that way, you will only prove to others that no stress at work can affect your mental peace. Earn a good position of responsibility by maintaining this hold over self-confidence.

3. Gemini

Birth dates: May 21 – June 20

Element: Air

Traits: Unpredictable, curious, romantic, friendly, intellectual, childlike, versatile and extremely talkative.

In whatever you undertake, you possess the capability to lead from the front. You have the courage to speak up and give a voice to your opinions and ideas because they matter to you. You like to communicate so don’t ever shy away from presenting your perspective in any meeting because of a timid fear of rejection. Your intellect needs exposure so if you get the chance to actually use your thinking abilities then do it. This will make you happy and help to stay confident at work.

4. Cancer

Birth dates: June 21 – July 22

Element: Water

Traits: Complex, moody, clingy, instinctive, sensitive, cautious and secretive.

In case you have somehow failed to grapple with the discomfort and pressure at work and want to know how you can channelize your position in a positive direction, then stop right here. As a Cancerian, you go by the saying, ‘United we stand, divided we fall.’ Teamwork is very important to you and you always act like you are the mode of communication between your seniors and juniors at work. You know that the strength doubles if we sort out any new project or product marketing as a group. Use that as your power. Connect people at work and see the results yourself. In this way, you earn the confidence you might have lost at some point in your life.

5. Leo

Birth dates: July 23 – August 22

Element: Fire

Traits: Sincere, loyal, warm, goal-oriented, demanding, outgoing and flamboyant.

Every Leo wants the appreciation they deserve. We don’t mean you want to take credit and compliment for every work you do but you can rarely manage to find a suitable barometer for the quality of your bigger than life purpose at work. So, you need constructive criticism because you want to improvise your strategies and your working pattern for the betterment of your career. You have the guts to hear your strengths and weaknesses so no matter what, gain the maximum by asking your employer for his/her opinions with respect to your work. This shows that you respect yourself and stay confident in your abilities.

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6. Virgo

Birth dates: August 23 – September 22

Element: Earth

Traits: Detailed, perfectionist, obsessive, down-to-earth, reliable, analytical and intelligent.

All Virgos are in search of perfection in every aspect of life, be it social life or at work. As you might have figured out already, you love to plan ahead and make to-do lists in your calendar almost every hour. You are never satisfied with anything you do and that makes you a hunter for absolute refinement and excellence. Sublime impeccabilities are your dreams and you will opt for any road that takes you there. Keep trying to only boost that impulse to be polished at your work. Your hunger for flawlessness will help you stay motivated under any circumstances.

7. Libra

Birth dates: September 22 – October 23

Element: Air

Traits: Sophisticated, harmonious, intellectual, elegant, creative, witty and sociable.

I take it that you have watched and re-watched Suits and you are familiar with the relationship between Harvey Specter and Mike Ross. Being a Libra, you too want the same kind of relationship with your immediate boss at work. You have the qualities that an employee needs to impress his/her boss and you have always intended to build a good rapport with him/her. You have both brains and social manners to be pleasant and acceptable under all conditions. You have the confidence you need and we can only say, ‘keep it up!’.

8. Scorpio

Birth dates: October 24 – November 22

Element: Water

Traits: Intense, secretive, passionate, broody and challenging.

You love challenges and you always want something exciting in your life. You keep things to yourself which roughly translates that you are secretly adventurous. The ultimate advice for you, as a Scorpio, is finding a work that fulfills your temptations for dares and provocations. Nobody wants you to hide your real emotions and preferences when it comes to procuring a life-long work experience. Keep this in mind, forever.

9. Sagittarius

Birth dates: November 22 – December 23

Element: Fire

Traits: Extrovert, open-minded, generous, adventurous, high-spirited and romantic.

You take your own decisions and enjoy being free-willed. It is pretty obvious that you are outspoken and know how to find joy in small things at work even if it is not what you longed for. You might have had to cut down your wishes for a better pay or some other adversity. But, you know how to take over yourself and have the full control over your self-confidence. Keep that up and it will only take further towards success and satisfaction.

10. Capricorn

Birth dates: December 23 – January 20

Element: Earth

Traits: Devoted, materialistic, organized, ambitious and practical.

You are the biggest curse and blessing of your own life. Every step you take towards your ambitions is one step closer to where you want to fly to. Considering all possibilities of unfortunate events in life, you take every success (be it small or something as huge as a promotion to DM) as a milestone. Ticking off tasks one by one from your to-do lists at work makes you energized and keeps you happy, confident and satisfied with life.

11. Aquarius

Birth dates: January 21 – February 19

Element: Air

Traits: Idealistic, rebellious, honest, open-minded, innovative and very particular about not being fake.

Being a true air sign, you know how to become popular and maintain that status in your social life. Even at work, you are the one with whom everybody feels comfortable and at peace and you really enjoy that. You sneak out to the washrooms to hear the tragedy in your colleague’s love life. You share your lunch and lend a shoulder every time your friends at work need support and empathy. You are honest in all your friendships and that aura makes you confident automatically. Or should we say, ‘you are just irresistible’?

12. Pisces

Birth dates: February 20 – March 20

Element: Water

Traits: Dreamy, creative, compassionate, kind, imaginative and elusive.

Being enthusiastic about creativity can sometimes be a bane, especially at your office. Your energy is a bit difficult to tame and that at times can make others feel that you are egoistic and desperate for compliments. They might say it to your face but you know that you are passionate and hence, the immense devotion to it. You need to master the art of socializing and that can only come with patient practice and a balanced thinking. So, we suggest you find happiness in little things at work and mold yourself so that people at work don’t feel left out when they turn to you for any purpose.

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