Zodiac Signs As Empowering One-Liners

Be it the relentless optimism of Sagittarius, the fierce ambition of Aries or the serene love of Cancer, every zodiac sign has got something to teach us about love, life & hope. Let’s delve deeper to learn empowering one-liners that the signs use often.


“Done and done. What else have you got?”

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Aries folks are like that fiery ball of energy that can ignite your passion the moment you come in contact with it. They’re a force to be reckoned with. They’ve got too much ambition flowing in their nerves to ever sit idle or waste their time lying around (unless of course they’re on a vacation). Work and real-life goals are really empowering for this curious soul brimming with enthusiasm and dreams. Trust me, you can always spot an Aries by the energy & charm they bring into a room.


“Let’s get rolling & make some $$$”

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Taurus folks take business very seriously and for them, you aren’t really winning in life if it’s not obvious from your bank account. But dare you misinterpret them as shallow or materialistic; they’re simply serious about their goals and passionate about living a document-worthy life. Three factors that are really empowering for the bull are independence, consistency, and success.


“Laugh your way through everything.”

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Gemini folks love expression & effortless communication. But if you’ve got to hold their attention for long, this communication might better be mixed with some quick humour, witty banter and exciting comebacks. Laughter is a tonic for them that moves in through their veins, empowering them beyond limits. Spontaneity, expression and laughter are what make up this zodiac sign.


“Love & live with all your heart.”

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Emotional Cancer folks are just that- emotional. And for a good reason. Snatch the power of a Cancer to love, and life will turn into a 90s black and white movie for him. Love is really present deep down in Cancer folks’ hearts. They’ve got the warmth of a nurturer and the comfort of a mother and they just can’t go long without explicitly expressing their care and affection for another human. And when these folks love & live with their whole heart, you’ll see a healthy glow reflecting on their faces.


“I’ll do this because you challenged me and I will nail it.”

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Nothing can empower the lion and summon his passion like an open challenge. Tell a Leo that he cannot do something and he’ll show you exactly how well he can do it. Sure, a Leo loves basking in the glorious sun & enjoying the luxuries of life, but the moment you encroach upon his ego, you’ll see a victor rising from hell. After all, it takes balls to be the king of the jungle (or the zodiac).


“Don’t let the tamed ones tell you how to live.”

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Virgos are the perfectionists of the zodiac and effortless at mastering the day-to-day details of life. Things like precision, organization, craft, practicality, and responsibility are really empowering for Virgos. They find their strength in the daily grind and mental purity excites them. Self-fulfilment & travel are two big themes in Virgos’ lives.


“Just talk it out. You’ll realize there’s nothing to fight about.”

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Libras are the peacemakers of the zodiac (#ThrowbackMahatmaGandhi). They like to have it all sorted, be it work, relationships or life in general. These picture-perfect babies are empowered by justice, harmony, beauty & aesthetics. They are keenly aware of the right and wrong. In fact, it is their sense of balance and harmony that makes them highly creative.


“Look I don’t want to put up a fight, but the last say will be mine.”

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Scorpios are perhaps the most mysterious of all the signs. They are resourceful, brave, passionate, and stubborn, which makes them a force of nature.  For all these reasons & more, Scorpios are usually the ones leading the pack. They love having the last say in everything, be it work or war.


“I wouldn’t worry about it. It’s going to be fine, trust me.”

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High-spirited, carefree and enthusiastic, Sagittarius folks are effortless at exploring and seeking. They’re like that first ray of sunshine that lights up your home after a foggy winter rain. It’s their downright optimism that keeps empowering them beyond limits. Their key concepts are exploration, adventure, freedom and a great sense of humour.


“Let’s not rush it. We need a plan.”

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Disciplined to a fault, Capricorns are the life of every plan or a project. They effortlessly command and build to last a lifetime. With the knack of a CEO, the reliability of a father and the authoritative power of a dictator, Capricorns are highly empowered by successful career, traditions, achievements and hard work.


“There’s so much on this earth that I have yet to see.”

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Aquarians are the dreamers of the zodiac and you’ve got to be a real treat (both physically as well as intellectually) to shake them up from their dreamy wonderland and excite them. But one thing that always excites Aquarians is the idea of travel. Their mind is always wandering to far-off places and they’re always dreaming of sunny seashores, hill-top views and breath-taking landscapes. There’s no doubt to the fact that travel is the single-most empowering factor for Aquarians.


“I deserve a great love because I’m willing to give the same.”

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Pisces are known for their wisdom and compassion. But, when it comes to love, don’t let their benevolence and sympathetic exterior fool you. Sure, they are selfless and love the idea of love, but once you keep them hanging or break their trust, they’ll rush into the other direction with the force of a storm. After all, they know that they deserve the love that they’re willing to give to others.

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