The Ultimate Guide To Creating A Super Productive Workspace

For some of the most successful people in this world, one of the biggest sources of empowerment is a super productive workspace. The confidence that comes with closing business transactions or receiving commendations and appreciation from your boss and colleagues is unparalleled, but for these to occur on a regular basis, a consistently efficient workplace needs to be in place.

Or else, the office can turn into a monotonous block to spend most of one’s day, constantly waiting for closing time and the weekend, only to have these two saving graces zip past you within the blink of an eye. The mark of an empowered person is in preventing this from becoming the status quo because nothing says ‘empowerment’ more than a successful, happy and content soul.

So, how does one bring about changes to alleviate the mundane and the boring, and boost one’s productivity? Look no further than the following tips.

1. Clear & Organize Your Desk Space

Organization and cleanliness often go hand-in-hand, but shouldn’t be confused with one another. An organized desk is both functional and aesthetic, and whatever one needs is, literally, at one’s fingertips. So put all those loose paperclips in a cup, get rid of all those extra coffee mugs and pens, stack all the paperwork in neat piles, and place all stationery in shelves and drawers within reach.

The same applies to the computer desktop; ‘folders’ exist for a reason, right? Don’t let all those emails pile up. Spend at least half an hour daily to decide which emails are necessary, and which ones go to the bin. Stick to the schedule, and use planners and sticky notes to keep a track of appointments, and you will be breezing through the day with minimal stress, giving way to a super productive workspace.

2. Let In The Light

The major difference between an office and a super productive workspace is that the latter is illuminated by natural light that is more stimulating and conducive to your brain activity.

A bright environment, with fresh air through the windows and a ‘not-too-hot-not-too-cold’ temperature will do wonders to your attitude at work. So, open those windows and let in the light and the air.

Is your office next to a busy highway or an airport? Not to worry! Plug in those earphones, and you can listen to Mozart, or Metallica (no one’s judging!), all day while you slog away.

3. Create Good Vibes

This is probably a no-brainer when it comes to creating a super productive workspace. Sick of looking at those dreary, white walls all day at work? Just hang a creative painting or cover those walls with bright, yet soothing, wallpapers, and watch your efficiency shoot through the roof.

Make sure you add certain quirks here and there that keep you hooked to work, they could be anything like your favorite quote or a pleasing picture or even the next travel destination on your bucket list.

Comfortable chairs and couches, elegant desks and coffee tables, and even cozy cubicles will go a long way in ensuring a super productive workspace. Or you could go the stereotypical start-up way, with minimalist furniture, and a bean bag or two thrown here and there. Anything goes, as long as you are in sync with the feng shui of the place.

4. Create An Air Of Accountability

When the walls come down in an office, they get occupied with an air of accountability. The simple fact that everyone can see each other makes them more accountable and helps in building a super productive workspace.

And even in a setup where people are working for themselves, the concept works. It’s like the notion of studying at the library in college- being surrounded by hard-working people will likely make you work harder too. But sometimes it’s hard to resist the lures of productivity-killers like social media. If you still find it hard to stay away from distraction, then there are plenty of apps, such as Freedom that block prime suspects like social media and video streaming sites, so that you can concentrate on your job.

5. Don’t Leave Meetings To Chance

Don’t let the banality of work get in the way of some communication. For every hour of toil you put in, why not reward yourself with a ten-minute break? So stretch yourself every now and then, take a brief walk to the coffee shop or stroll down the halls of your workspace.

This way, you will be more likely to bump into colleagues and exchange ideas with them. And by not leaving those encounters to chance, you will be able to get more done, whether it’s verbally answering an email that might be left unread in your inbox, or collaborating with someone in a department with whom you might not generally work.

This is important because an opportunity is not going to come find you at your desk. Furthermore, regular events to celebrate milestones is also a sure fire way of meeting and motivating your colleagues and in turn, getting motivated yourself.

7. Find The Best Planner

Is organizing your daily schedule something you dread each day? Or is it something you constantly overlook only to rush to your meeting at the last minute? Don’t worry, because what better way to plan your day than with… a planner.

One example is the Happiness Planner available online. It is a complete planner where you can schedule your meetings, your hourly activities, set notes and reminders, track your diet, as well as mention all your ‘happy’ thoughts and moments that occurred throughout your day. It is an elegant approach to staying motivated and avoiding all those awkward, sideways glances whenever you show up late for a meeting.

7. Build Positivity

Do you constantly find your co-workers being grumpy towards you? Or do they seem to just not care about your problems? Have you stopped to reconsider that how they behave towards you is a reflection of how you behave towards them?

It is not uncommon for trivial mannerisms and a word without a second thought to escalate into downright hostility at the workplace. But how do you remedy this before an all-out catfight breaks loose? Well, just smile. Saying a simple ‘good morning’ could go a long way in establishing a rapport with your colleagues. Friendliness puts everyone in a healthy frame of mind, which means you and your colleagues work better, and together as a team. The end result: a super productive workplace, with growth charts going upwards, defying the laws of gravity.

8. Use Technology To Manage Projects Wisely

Are you having a tough time catching up with work, or finishing assignments before the deadline, or keeping up with numerous meetings? Don’t fret, ladies, because you’re not alone in this! Numerous apps and web-based services exist in order to help you synchronize and co-ordinate all the minutiae of your work, right down to the last decimal. So, if you consider yourself tech-savvy, then why not jump on the digital bandwagon? Here are a few diverse, online project management software that will help you organize your work:

Trello: Employs an eye-catching, visual layout to help you organize work projects.

Basecamp: Facilitates real-time communication between members of a team or a project, where they can brainstorm ideas and plans.

Jira: Fulfils your project management needs by helping team members assign priorities to different tasks and intuitively enabling collaboration among them.

Airtable: Allows customization and overview of datasets based on different criteria in a user-friendly manner.

 Why We Chase Productivity

At its most basic, productivity is simply output divided by time. It’s a modest metric curated to standardize worker contributions as a management tool.

But productivity can also be a personal empowerment tool for people looking to shed the idea of the 40-hour work-week as a measure of value. Instead, if you seek ways to do your best work as proficiently as you can, measuring productivity can leave you more time to do other things that matter. Furthermore, a productive life is an empowered life.


Well, there you have it, boss ladies & business gentlemen. A few of our simple life hacks, and you are well on your way to building a super productive workspace. Just add a little inner zest and a never-say-die attitude to your everyday work routine, and you will be emerging out of your offices as refreshed and empowered humans who put the ‘super’ in ‘super productive.’

Did any of these productivity tips strike a chord with you? Don’t forget to share your views in the comments section below.



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