Wonder Aloud- How The Zodiac Signs Are Attracted To You?

Ever noticed those deep sighs, zooming butterflies in the stomach and diluting of the pupils when you see someone you like? The phrase “I like you” or “I love you” bounces to and fro, between those two people who are feeling this imputable attraction towards each other. Attraction is that scientific concept which can always be measured in the terms of zodiac scale, like Gemini squad are found to be smiling for no practical reason when feeling the initial signs of attraction or else when a Leo feels attracted to someone, they are quite loud about their good qualities. A Capricorn when attracted to you, just can’t help and utter weird facts or smile incessantly.

Let’s see how all the zodiac signs react when they are remotely or intensely attracted to you-

1. The Ferocious Aries

Aries are known as one of the most energetic signs of the zodiac, with ‘fire’ being their element. Aries are fiercely independent, well organized and have an affinity to rule or take CHARGE. An Aries is full of ideas all the time and their hot bubbling energy & excitement for discovering new things in life, is almost contagious. You can tell that an Aries is attracted to you when he/she is really open about their life plans, discusses their personal issues with you or is very vocal about their innermost feelings with you. An Aries wants someone who can match up to their energy, is an extrovert and possesses excellent leadership qualities. For an Aries, the chase in a relationship is always more important than the CATCH. So, always maintain a mysterious aura about yourself and you can hook an Aries in just flick of your fingers.

2. The Sweet Taurus

Taurus is the second zodiac sign and their ruling planet is the beautiful Venus which represents love, affection, care and loyalty. So, this sign craves affection, being pampered and fierce loyalty from the ones they dearly love. This beautiful zodiac sign is a little inclined towards materialistic pleasures and fancies a long term relationship. So, a bull is e attracted to you when you can see them a little shy around you or they are deliberately avoiding eye contact with you. This one is not the type to sweep you off your feet into the paradise and show you stars and moon, rather they are the patient type. If they like you, they would like to take it very slow and get to know you first, before making a move.

3. The Radiating Gemini

This is an air sign ruled by planet mercury which signifies the power of communication, linguistic charm and creativity. This social butterfly of the zodiac is a really friendly and easy going person who thrives on change and gets bored with routine and monotonous set-ups. This flighty sign turns into a flirty bee when they really like someone or constantly smiles when they are around the person they like. Their sharp and imaginative minds keep concocting several fantasies about the one they genuinely like and often their talkative mouths stay shut around them.

Their beautiful flawless cheeks are adorned by this sweet blush and they also show sign of nervousness sometimes, due to their over thinking nature. Also, as they are prone to boredom easily, they tend to keep the spice in a relationship alive by infusing a variety of things at a time, provided they are attracted to you.

4. The Caring Cancer

The cancer squad holds family and ideals in high regard. A Cancer seldom opens to anyone about his inner side but when he really does, then you can tell that he is interested in you.

A Cancerian is seem to be attracted when he pampers you with his cooking skills, when he talks about himself a lot with you or else when this sign is being romantic with you. A Cancer takes time in opening up to people and is generally shy about his feelings, but when he like someone, then he would forget his shy side and be vocal about his heart and soul. A Cancer is known as the family man/woman of the zodiac, so when he/she takes you to meet the family, then do understand that the Cancerian is really interested in you.

5. The Dynamic Leo

The lions of the zodiac have a tendency to be eagerly romantic along with classic style of expressing their feelings. These lions are really chivalrous and breed on sophistication. They want to pamper you with the exquisite style, candle light dinner in some posh restaurant, a red wine on a cruise or any lavish surrounding which would flare your insides into this puddle of marshmallows.     

A Leo is extremely possessive for the one they genuinely like. They shower you with their unparalleled attention and devotion and would also expect the same from you.

6. The Considerate Virgo

Virgos are known for their pure accuracy and sincerity. They are very slow in opening up to someone they really like. They don’t trust so easily but for the one they really like they would actually indulge into meaningful conversations, with the single motive to know every minute detail and later analyze when they are alone. At times, Virgos distance themselves from you after they have shown the signs of likeness towards you, just to calculate the risks and worth on their special scale of accuracy. But don’t worry. They would come back with a bang and will woo you off your senses.

7. The Pleasing Libra

This air sign loves beautiful and attractive people, would indulge in long conversations with you & also will include you in their new adventurous plans if they’re attracted to you. This sign loves lavish dinners, classy outings and anything adventurous which can get your heart thumping loudly inside your chest. If this sign has made pleasing their uppermost priority for you or else they keep showing some small gestures of love and affection towards you, then do understand, that they really like you or find you attractive. Librans are really talkative and open when they converse with new people. But, they are strangely quiet and shy when they are around the one they like. However, once they discover their sense of comfort with you, they would like to talk about anything and everything.

8. The Mysterious Scorpio

A Scorpion is known to be mysteriously dark and brooding, with that scowl or gruff on the face, but scorpions are not that cold as they seem to be. They are really dynamic people with the need to be ambitious, self-righteous and really focused about something in life. Known to be intense lovers, when Scorpions like someone, they drop their masks which they keep on only for the world. These people are known to be really serious about their feelings but when they like you, they would find it really hard, to keep it all in.

Also another sexy thing about this sign is that when they like you, they stare at you with all they have got, it’s like you are standing under a lime light and they just can’t look away from you. Also, when they like you, they treat you with their undivided attention and care.

9. The Adventurous Sagittarius

The archer of the zodiac sign is really charming and outgoing. A Sagittarian breeds on adventures and can be really straight-forward when they like someone. They pamper the one they like by their various talents like cooking, shopping or else dancing. A Sagittarian always aims for the one who is dynamic, adventurous and can travel the world with them.

A Sagittarian would be an exciting and energetic lover with loads of ideas booming in his head. So, beware! If they like you, they would be really creative in showing that love to you and would actually book a flight to take you around the world to bask in the beauty and revelations of the nature.

10. The Focused Capricorn

Capricorns are extremely ambitious and loyal. When a Capricorn is attracted to you, he/she is found uttering weird things or random, irrelevant facts. But when they are really sure that they like you, they are seen discussing their future plans and interpretations about life. They would also be showering you with their utmost attention. This sign is really goal-oriented and they strive for success in their lives. So once they are sure about you, they would leave no stone un-turned until they win you over.

11. The Creative Aquarius

When an Aquarius likes you, he or she will be really mysterious about it at first. They would pretend as they are really casual and aloof around the one they like. Once they really discover that they actually want you, they would be really attentive, hold long conversations with you and would be found day-dreaming about you a lot.

12. The Loving Pisces

Pisces, the water sign is really idealistic and dreamy and is known to have intrinsic imaginations in their big bulky minds. A Pisces is really interested in you when they share those colorful imaginations, their various mood swings and their ideal dreams with you. A Pisces is a loyal sign with deep affectionate feelings of love and bliss.

Thus, this zodiac wheel is an interesting spiral of fun, excitement and love conquests which opens up a whole new demographic of underlying thoughts and opinions about how love is perceived by us.

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