7 Ways To Be LIT Like The Sensational Hollywood Actress Meryl Streep | Your Very Own Strong Woman Guide

The woman who knows how to roar when anyone steps into her territory, the one who never hesitates to help anyone in need, who knows how to heal the deepest wounds by her warmth & love and the one who walks like she has that glorious red carpet outstretched beneath. The kind of woman whose ordinary style finds an extra-ordinary column in the local newspapers, whose laugh makes you feel like a red hot Maserati toddling down the London street.

We are talking about the sensational Hollywood actress, a strong woman & a Heartthrob who happens to win 157 awards and 409 nominations. This woman is the true mark of grace & poise, with a plethora of inspiring movies to her credit, like Sophie’s Choice, Devil Wears Prada, The Iron Lady and many more.

She is the kind of actress who always happen to leaves the audience awestruck with whatever she does. Lately, she has given her acceptance speech at the Golden Globes 2017, where she stumped the current President of USA Donald Trump by voicing her opinions. She is a writhing hyena when provoked, a sweet puddle of mush when stroked, a helping hand when called for and a sensational performer when need to be. She is someone you can’t just pass by or mistakenly ignore. She is the kind of lady who gets an undivided attention in whatever she does, even without asking for it. In short, she is the kind of woman every little girl wants to be.

Here’s a list of 7 things to learn from this outrageously bold and independent lady-

1. A Walk That Can Move Mountains

If you believe me, then watch Meryl Streep walk in the famous movie Devil Wears Prada. You will not only be stumped by her high handed strut, but quite boggled by her way of carrying herself. Some people would say that, ‘Oh C’mon, it’s just a walk for god’s sake!’ But, then I deem to ask, ‘Is it just a walk?’

Don’t just watch her feet moving, that even a 2 year toddler can do. Try to read between the lines, dig deeper. Watch out for that stride which holds some purpose to itself. Watch out for her hands which lie straight by her sides with her shoulder blades jutted out making the torso upright. Her eyes embrace the world with a fierce look along with that stunning strut across the street. So women, try to dazzle the world with the way you walk, even before you happen to open your mouth.

2. Her Choice Of Words Is Like Diamonds Glittering In Snow 

Meryl Streep talks like she is singing a Christmas Carol. Her choice of words is so benevolent that every person is awed by her very presence. One can always check out her latest tirade for the current US President Donald Trump at the Golden Globes 2017. Even when she was being bitter about him, her sweet undertone never left her speech. That’s how you speak. Keeping your natural tone intact with a good choice of words.

3. A Laugh That Can Kill The Evil Spirits With Its Goodness 

Meryl Streep’s laughter is like temple bells echoing from the deepest valleys of mountain ranges. Yes, she has this graceful and rhythmic laughter which is often assumed to be the sweetest symphony. A girl is often judged by the way she laughs. First, her eyes crinkles, her face outstretches to support this radiant smile and then a gurgle of laughter erupts from her insides. It’s a revelation. In a way, every girl with a laughter is beautiful. But, there is something distinct about Streep’s laughter.

4. She Is A Bag Full Of Talents On-Screen 

With many awards and nominations in her kitty, she is really a phenomenon. She started her career quite early when she acted in several Broadway Productions. Anyone would be struck by her dazzling performances in all her movies.

5. Hard Work & Strong Will Power Is Everything

Meryl Streep is not as effortless as you may perceive. She works hard for what she wants. One of her most regarded challenges was when she learned how to play a violin. She practiced for 6 hours a day for straight 8 weeks for the famous movie, “The Music of the Heart”.

6. Her Undying Optimism Wins Our Hearts

She is an almost lawyer. She applied for a law school, however she missed the interview because of over sleeping. But, instead of feeling remorse she considered that as a sign to change her goals.

7. Meryl Streep Worked As A Waitress In Her Early Days

When she was studying Drama in Yale University, she used to work as a waitress in a hotel in New Jersey, USA for a while before making it real BIG. Now that’s what we call transformation.

Meryl Streep is a phenomena in herself. If one happens to unravel the mystery behind her, they would be struck by a radiant shine like they unlocked the key to a treasure. Way to go Streep!

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