How To Unlock The Wild Side Of Your Woman

If you’re thinking that your woman is all sweet and boring, then get ready to be surprised. Every woman has a little girl in her who is waiting to go wild and be unleashed. However, this instinct is locked in the deep cages of heart, and can only be ignited with a little foreplay before the sex or else some spontaneous compliments. A little healthy teasing in every relationship is known to boost up the love hormone dopamine, thus giving you a chance to explore that hot blazing side of your girl.

Here’s a round-up of all those things you can do to unlock that wild side of your woman.

  1. Give Her Random Compliments

Do the unexpected. Surprise her when she least expects it. Maybe, you can treat her with a ‘breakfast in bed’ or else leave a text in the middle of the day saying, ‘You look amazing in this picture from Suzanne’s party’. This will certainly leave her warm and fuzzy inside, only to be more appealing for you.

2. Start With A Little Foreplay, Don’t Rush!

Be a sexual tease in the bedroom to bring out your girl’s wild side. Sex can be great only when there are equal efforts from both the sides. Push her hair back when she is looking at you and nibble her earlobes to get her excited and naughty. Foreplay can be your door to not only good, but great sex. Just make her feel cherished and nurtured by devoting yourself to every inch of her. Do not settle for a mediocre love life, when you have got ways to make it fabulous.

3. Appreciate Her Every Bold Move, Even If It Wasn’t So Bold

One appreciation from you will give her that space & confidence to take bolder chances in front of you. Caress her like your kitten while you play the Lion in the bedroom, only to undo all the safe ties. This will make her surrender to the temptation all the more.

4. Every Bad Move Can Be A Good One, Only If You Allow It To Be

Maybe she screws up the sexy moment you just created. Maybe, she did something which just killed the right mood. Maybe, this or that. But the ball still lies in your court. Let the bad slip away. Conquer the bad and you will see the good which was hidden just behind it. Care and caress have two different meanings. Care is when you want to love her. But, caress is when you need to love her. So, caress her when she trips and falls. Hold her closer when she least expects you to. Smile at her wide when she looks at you guiltily. Don’t count her flaws, instead hide them away from the world. The woman is yours, keep her secure by building her up and not crashing her down at every chance you get.

5. Surprises can Always Get A Girl Soaring Like A Queen

Decide! Do you want a pussy in bed or else a lioness? Do you want an innocent librarian or else a sexy stripper in the bedroom? It’s all on you to decide and she can be that. You can achieve anything you want her to be by making her feel like that. If you treat her like your queen, she will always act like one, be it inside the bedroom or outside.

6. Take Her On Dates & Impromptu Trips

Be spontaneous. Mystery is good. Get her guessing. Put her on the game. Make her deal and play. Show her how it feels at loosing and then winning again. No matter how many years have passed away to your marriage, never stop dating her. This will keep the fun alive in the bedroom matters.

7. Show Her The Time Of Her Life

There is this amazing feeling you get when you do something together with your partner. Make that feeling so worth it that she looks up to spending more time with you despite how busy you both are. Make her wait and then strike when she least expects you to. Don’t only stun her, but dazzle her to the stars and moon, till she begs you to tame down. Bring so much energy on the table that she makes relentless efforts to match it. .

A dish is only good when it has surpassed all the stages of cooking, burning and taste enhancement. Then it tastes like it never tasted before. Just like that, let your chemistry pass every possible step and turn into this miraculous ball of energy which even the world can’t break.

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