The Obsession With Granny-Style Glasses Is Real And Here To Stay

Can’t pick glasses that suit your face? We’ve got your back.

Meet the latest trend of 2017: the granny-style glasses. Trends have a thing- they always make a huge comeback and this year, it is something that you can borrow from your grandmom’s closet (such a steal, isn’t it?). This is one number that suits every face type and every outfit, which is also the reason why you’ll see right from designers to stylists, bloggers, celebs and socialites adorn the #solit granny-style glasses. The best thing about this trend is that it’s gender neutral and so it looks dapper on women and men, alike (grandfather’s closet, anyone?).

What’s more? These huge and nerdy granny-style glasses have become a ‘cool’ symbol, or you can say a secret code among the millennials, that is, if you see a girl or guy adorn this fad, they’re sure to be fun/open-minded/stylish/sassy/your type and so on. Well, trends always come back with some sort of stereotypes and judgments (remember how low-waist jeans became associated with being cool?), but as long as these judgments are harmless and fun, you can hop on the trend stream and try some yourself.

#TSLTip: Since the marketing gurus still haven’t used the term ‘granny-style glasses’ to sell this particular number, you’ll have to simply pick them out yourself from an array of glasses. Make sure that you buy the granny-style glass with sleek & metallic (silver) rim that ends at your cheekbones.

Meanwhile, check out the ones we’ve picked out for you, here. PS- We love the aviator frame.

If you don’t believe the current obsession with granny-style glasses, then scroll through all the pictures below.

I’m in London babies! Safe and sound 💋💋💋

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just a kid

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On set with @windsorstore @makeupbecca ✨

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