Wait For The Guy Who Makes Your Dopamine Levels Go All Silly

Go for the guy who conquers himself before you. Someone who casts his eyes down in respect for you, and does not consider it as an act of inferiority. The guy who doesn’t only shield you from harm, but prepares you to fight your battles alone. The guy who doesn’t call you his weakness, but strength. The guy who is scared when you walk alone in dark streets out with your friends partying or else visiting some new shady place, but still supports you limitless. The kind of a guy who is all ‘prim & proper’ in front of the world, but silly in front of you. The guy who holds you in his arms like you are made of glass, but treats you like there is nothing stronger. The guy who doesn’t do mediocre love, but is all in for the fall-hard love.

World can wait for all it wants, but when you come across a guy who gets you all cold and hot in one mili-second and renders you so alive in his presence, then don’t let him slip away.

Here’s a round-up of all the things you should look for in a guy before getting into a relationship.

1. A Guy Who Respects Himself More Than Anyone In The World

A guy with no self respect has no personal opinions and can’t take his own decisions and even if he takes one, he would seldom stand by it. A man who respects his values, ideals and decisions, is the most appealing one out there. This man would rip every shred of doubt apart, take a stand and choose what he desires or wants like none other. If he is sure about you, he won’t leave any stone upturned in making you a life partner. Nothing compares to a man who writes his own story and builds his own bridges.

2. A Guy Who Respects Women In His Heart & Actions

There are men who just speak all great lines, but their actions paint a different picture. Then, there is a kind of a man who would cut through the ‘unequality of sexes’, stand by the doors to let the women pass and hold his stare down to the ‘devilish’ men around. He might not to be standing with a sword to protect every woman, but he surely pays his undue respect to them. He knows that action speaks louder than words. This is the man who won’t crumble you to stardust when you trip, instead he will pick you up after every fall, dust away the failures and make you shoot for the stars again.

3. A Guy Who Supports Your Dreams As Much As You Do

A guy who stands by you in your every battle, supports you when something hard hits you and heals your wounds when you are deeply hurt, is the kind of a man you should sign up for. There are times when he would be so busy in his own life, when you would be facing your darkest hours in career or life in particular. However, a man who finds ways to know about your life by making an effort is the one you should pick over the guy who would only give you long list of excuses as to why he couldn’t make an effort. Fall for the guy who calls your life his ‘battleground’ and you as his ‘partner in crime’. Fall for the guy who picks fight with the person who makes you shed a tear. The guy who punctures his own respect, just to put a smile on your sad face when you are down. Support is not only about motivational words and a warm hug. Support from a guy is a lot more than that. It’s in the little things that he does.

4. A Guy Who Knows How To Be Innocent In Public and Insane In Private

Pick the guy who is not only passionate, but also creative in the way he loves you. See the ‘idea’ behind what he is doing for you and watch out for the ‘method’. Say, he asked you out on a dinner date. Then, see if he has made an effort to do something different than before or is it just like the last time. A creative guy is all for the moments & memories. He would rather create moments by putting in a little bit of effort. He’d be the one who would make even a five minute date look like diamond studded affair.

5. A Guy Who Doesn’t Shy Away From PDA

There are guys who take a step back from claiming your hand in public and doing sweet love-dipped things in front of the crowd. Does he feel embarrassed on holding your hand or else kissing you at the corner of the street? Well, go for the guy who doesn’t shy away from the world in claiming you as his girl. Fall for the guy who just can’t stop himself from enveloping you in a tight hug just because he missed you so much all day. The guy who would not shy away from kissing you soundly in front of his friends. The guy who holds you closer by his side, as you two set out to face the world, like you are his deadliest weapon or loveliest belonging.

6. A Guy Who Counts Rose Petals And Stars When He Is Away From You

There is nothing like a guy who gets really sad when he is away from you. The guy who can never get enough of you, who always wants more. The kind of a guy who misses you in the good and the bad times, in the summer mornings and wintery nights, the time when it rains or else when he sees a sign of ‘clearance sale’ and smiles remembering how his girl gets happy on seeing it. A guy who is miles apart from you, but still somehow there with you. He is so connected with you, not in flesh or blood, but heart, mind and soul.

7. A Guy Who Is Your Friend First And Boyfriend Later

A love relationship with your best friend is truly one of a kind. The kind of a relationship, where your guy never shys away from acting like a fool with you. He considers himself as your partner in crime and is ready to climb that huge wall, steal away candies from a bakery and stand in long queues to get tickets of your favorite movie. He is there to spend the whole day with you, eating ice-cream and watching romantic comedies when you are on your period. He talks about his school days like a small kid and laughs on all the crazy things you both used to do as kids.

Fall for the guy who makes you weak in the knees when he looks at you and renders you speechless with his chivalrous ways. The guy who knows how to rock your world and sweep you up in his arms only to take you to his paradise. The guy who makes you realize that no matter who says what, but you are his princess, the queen to his kingdom. He would make you see the whole galaxy, only if you ask for it. The man who doesn’t see time, place or situation when he wants to love you. Hold close such a guy, because darling he is a rare breed. 

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