Be Cautious With Your Phone Or You Could Get FRAPED

Have you ever come across a friend whose wicked fun-loving mind is always plotting these little pranks on every other person in the group? The kind of a friend who pulls on such stints on other people, which always get you in splits of laughter? Does it all sound really fun and relatable to you? Well, it is sort of an every-day story, isn’t it?

But as everything has a limit, do you know when the fun gets nastier? When that very fun-loving wicked sort of a friend over-steps the line and gets personal.

Fraping is the word which has been recorded in Urban Dictionary, which is an online site where every modern slang is cataloged. The definition for “frape” according to that dictionary is-

The act of raping someone’s Facebook profile when they leave it logged in. Profile pictures, sexuality and interests are commonly changed however fraping can include the poking or messaging of strangers from someone else’s Facebook account.

Nowadays, the trend is your kin, technology your long-lost friend, social life is your den and the world is your doormat. The freedom to intrude in your friend’s facebook profile comes with a responsibility and a price. The responsibility is that you use that freedom in a way where nobody is hurt and it becomes a price when you tend to miss-use it in various ways possible.

That’s what happens these days, when someone frapes the other person.

An Irish court, lately has fined a man 2000 pounds for taking a woman’s mobile phone and using it to post sexually abusive status updates on her Facebook account. Also, the crime carries a minimum possible sentence of 10 years in a prison, according to the Independent. This whole issue is being seen as an adjunct to the new laws proposed or enacted in the U.S. and the U.K. that ban “revenge porn”, or the act of posting intimate photos of ex-lovers online. This has really turned nastier.

According to the Financial Times reports, in one such case, even the prosecutors used an old law, the Criminal Damage Act of 1991, to bring the issue and the conviction which is believed to be the first establishing “Facebook Rape” or “Frape” as a crime in the country,

This case, nearly uprooted the belief of everyone especially girls, in Facebook and every other ‘fun-friend’ for that sort.

Dublin’s central criminal court heard that the defendant, who is a 30-year old man from Donegal who cannot be named for the legal reasons, went to confront his ex-girlfriend on the April 6, 2011 for a perceived infidelity and then left having taken her mobile phone along.

After he went through her inbox in the phone & confirmed about her being in a new relationship, he used the phone to log into her Facebook account, post a status update in her name stating that she was a “whore” who would take any kind of “offers”.

This man was acquitted of charges of an actual rape and imprisoning the woman in her own home. This whole incident occurred when the man was drunk and jealous. The woman quickly spotted the abusive update on her Facebook profile and deleted it.

Thus, Fraping is a sort of a crime, whereby a person hijacks other person’s FB account to commit an act which is wrong and leaves the victim traumatized to the point that she/he feels raped, abused and taken advantage of.

The word, is derived from the Latin word rapere (seize) which originally means to seize or destroy a property and that’s what seems to be happening with all those people who are getting ‘raped’ or “fraped” on Facebook.

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