A Waiting Damsel-In-Distress Or A Queen In Command, What’s Your Pick?

Every girl awaits a handsome prince riding on a white horse to come under her ivory tower to take her to a secret place, away from the world! Pssst. Well, let’s change that fairy-tale myth a little. Nowadays every girl awaits a simple guy with a secure financial status and  shining education labels. Did you happen to read between the lines? A girl’s checklist consists of these words- simple, secure & a shining degree? Really? Just because you are going to age one year more after 25, that doesn’t mean you shold settle for less. Or say, he provides that secure financial umbrella which can get you silvery things is the reason to settle for a guy with whom you share no common topic to talk about? There are many reasons to settle for less, but it would just take one reason to opt for more.

A damsel in distress would keep looking over the horizon, those green fields and the huge mountains, waiting for her prince charming. She would keep chanting the words, ‘come, love me!’ to that prince riding on the horse. The one who would come across her ivory tower once in a while, to tame her waiting heart, to provide her peace for some time and in the process satiate his needs. And just when his ‘Cinderella clock ticks’, he would be running the opposite side with no promises to return again.

Least the prince knows, that his princess is on the floor recollecting her small pieces of heart & gathering her broken courage to start her long wait again. Her heart which has come to grow fond of that man, who claims to be her prince, visits her every season and leaves, not to look back again.

Then comes the day, when the ‘woman’ inside her wakes up. She still looks at the green fields, huge mountains and deep rivers not in waiting, but to find a reason to overcome her fear of falling. And she jumps, she takes that leap of courage and believes in herself that she’ll land safe, herself. She does not need a charming prince with his strong arms open to catch her. Because she knows that the price she would have to pay to have that prince is not worth enough. She starts to love herself more than those weekend get-aways, seasonal meetings and  empty promises they both took between the sheets in the fall of the night, which never used to see the light of the day. Now, she is more of that reckless spirit who learned – how to have fun even when you are falling. She knows that if she wants to fly high she first has to learn how to fall hard. If she wants to experience deep love, then at first she has to go through the tests of faith & friendship.

She knew that waiting isn’t enough. There are those days when she has to take the sword in the hand and rescue her man. The times when she has to be a friend before being a lover. The times when she has to love him more than herself.

The timid girl who used to cry behind the closed doors and heavy layers of blankets, who used to put a happy smile for the world & that selfish prince and the one who used to mistake a usual infatuation for love, learned her lessons. Now, she no longer waits for a prince charming or a white horse. Instead, she gives her heart, body and soul to become that epitome of courageous queen. A queen who deserves a king and not a prince. A king and queen who would play in equals. The ones who would battle with life together and not against each other with an excess baggage of false promises and long waits. They don’t believe in blind-folding each other with the cloth of infidelity & fake promises. They are all for companionship and friendship behind their mirror of love. They find the solutions to their problems and insecurities in each other. That’s what every girl or boy, waiting at the window of that high ivory tower needs to do. Take that jump and stop measuring the fall! Infact, the fun lies in that long measure of fall and not in just over-looking that beautiful scenery.

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