Learn The Sacred Art Of Kissing In These 7 Simple Steps

A kiss is the first step towards arousing the sexual tendencies in your partner. Never restrict a kiss with just touching of the lips, exchanging breaths & saliva. A kiss is a molten lava in itself, which travels from your mouth to your lover’s, which can erupt a raging volcano & thunderstorm of romance, passion and love-making inside you. A kiss is like poetry, which evolves two people into a beautiful painting. A kiss is the starting point of the roller coaster ride of sex. Everything lies in that simple kiss. Don’t you underestimate this small word, which stores the lengthiest levels sexual desires. Here are some tips to make your kiss worth a lifetime.

  1. A kiss should never be rushed

To enjoy any kind of experience, one should always go slow. Many a times the real fun gets lost in rushing things. So feel more and do less. Every movement of yours should be exaggerated. Every atom of your body should be with you in that single experience when you’re kissing your SO. The eyes, lips, limbs, heart, moans, strangled breaths, your desires and your soul should be attuned together in making that moment last. So linger or hover over their lips, exchange those heaps of breath which keep rising with every passing moment till the lips meet and just when you realize that you both would die of passion, strike! Let the lips meet, get strangled with moans and sighs and let yourself explore.

  1. Eye contact creates magic

Eye contact creates that anticipation of two players sizing each other before the battle begins. The battle of raging passions & seduction. Eye contact creates that seductive aura where the question hangs, ‘what would happen next?’ That element of mystery lingers when your eyes are aligned with each other before the kiss happens.

  1. Just keep breathing

A kiss starts with small heaps of breath, cycling between the moans and sighs. The moment mind stops working & passion is in control of you two, the breathing gets crazy. Then it becomes a game of a lot of biting, gasping for air, sighing and exploring. The one who explores more, gets more. Breathing is the fuel for the kiss to last more. So, keep raising your mouth up for more air to let your lips inhale and get lost into that deep pool of passion again.

  1. Explore the body with your hands

Don’t just kiss with your body immobile or numb. Move your limbs, arms and hands. Let them wander too. Move your hands on her waist, towards the curve of her hip, the inner thighs, the scalp of her hair, the inner calves of her legs and her arms. The girl should roam her fingertips on his strong shoulder blades, the back, massage his knees, inner thighs, collar bones and repeat the whole process to keep the passion alive.

  1. Trust french kissing

Involve French kissing into your every-day kissing. The more of tongue can get more of that submerged passion. Let your tongue wander and get lost till you find each other again. This losing & finding each other, through the art of kissing can take you to those floors of sex & passion which you never ever visited.

  1. Work little foreplay into kissing

A little thrust on the wall, some sexual teasing and a lot of other tactics can get you silver points in kissing. Try kissing with a chocolate or some sultry wine in your mouth. Make your lover crazy and restless before you begin kissing.

  1. Tap the sound button ON

Yes, sound is very necessary while kissing, whether it’s that animalistic growl, soft moans, deep sighs, that predatory shriek or a shrill scream. These sound effects can really turn your lover ferocious and seductive at the same time.

Let your sexual life explore the longest lengths of passion with these seven simple kissing tricks.

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