6 Reasons Why Every Indian Girl Should Travel Alone At Least Once In Her Lifetime

Be it a sweet nerdy classroom topper or a sassy social media queen, every girl loves being a vagabond. From exploring forts to carrying shopping bags, from gulping street food to wining in a fancy bar, a girl is always on her foot when it comes to travelling alone. Chicks, don’t we all love road trips and abroad excursions? We absolutely do!

Here are 6 reasons why a girl should travel alone at least once in her lifetime.

1. Travelling solo boosts your self confidence

With endless train journeys and communication with strangers, you begin to ‘live life your way’ and gain enormous self-confidence. You develop immense faith in yourself and are good to go, even in diverse conditions.

2. You don’t need a Support System

Boarding a flight with completely fresh faces doesn’t bother you anymore and you become comfortable with your own schedule. It’s an endless affair between you and your ‘Google Maps’ and no guide (intruder) would ever be welcomed. You manage your brunch sessions, shopping sprees and wine-dines according to you and appreciate your solidarity.

3. A Boy-Backup is a big NO

Once you’ve learnt to travel all alone, you gain enough muscularity to handle your shopping bags, bills and souvenirs all by yourself. You don’t need a guy as a helping hand and you trust absolutely none other than yourself. You acquire the ultimate multi-hand form of the holy goddess ‘Durga’ when faced with a challenging situation.

4. Your ventures include ADVENTURES

From kissing the sky in those giant wheels and hugging the sea bed during scuba dives to feeling the air flash on your face in those gigantic roller coasters and going on Desert Safaris, you’ve added a lot of colours to your personality from your distinctive experiences. You become a bold, fearless and a valorous version of your former self.

5. You get to TASTE a lot from all LOTS

Be it cheating on your diets and dipping your fingers in various cuisines or being engaged in tiny flirty-fling sessions, you can have loads of merriment moments and cheap thrills on your solo voyage. There’s no one to interrupt you and neither are you bound to give a damn to anyone!

6. You learn how to enjoy your own company

India, Karnataka, Young female tourist photographing on top of hill in Hampi | Huff Post

The most you learn from being a vagabond is to cherish your own company. You learn how to be alone, and not lonely. You become comfortable with doing things all by yourself and the only partner you require is your camera to capture those beautiful moments.

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