Is He Being Too Touchy With You? – 7 Signs That A Guy Is Trying To Get Into Your Pants

Have you ever come across a guy who is trying those ‘sneaky little hands’ on you – crawling up your waist, feeling up your back and trying to touch you in all those vulgar ways which instead of invoking butterflies in your stomach, invoke an insatiable urge to kick the shit out of him? Hi5! So have we.

Here’s a list of all those times you need to show a ‘red flag’ to a guy-

1. When he stares at you a little longer than normal

Yes, a look and that too an elongated one can tell a million things. There is a type of stare which is in a way allowed. But, when a guy is grudgingly looking over his shoulder at you staring at you non-stop to the point where you are uncomfortable, then it’s a sign that he isn’t genuine. If a guy can’t stop his urges in public to the point that it’s really uncomfortable for you socially and personally, then get rid of him.

2. When he calls you with erotic adjectives

If the guy is all about the adjectives “hot”, “sexy”, “nice legs”, “great height” and the attributes which describe about your body and figure more and less about your personality and the person you really are, then it reflects on his shallowness.

The guy who calls you beautiful and tell things about your personality more and not about your body parts- is the one who should get a green pass from you.

3. When he tries to get you drunk, even after you tell a stern NO

Some guys would just love watching you gulp down the alcohol, lose your senses and faint into their arms. We’ve heard of a number of such cases where the guys are too crafty in their ways, like spiking your drink with something or else ganging up on you and trapping you. It is crucial to drink only with people in whom you can place your complete trust.

4. When he doesn’t leave any opportunity to touch you

When a guy is sizing up your arms, slipping his hands inside your waist without your permission or raiding your personal space by coming too near to you, then do feel free to kick his ass or else confront him with a verbal lash out.

5. When he likes every picture or post of yours on social networking websites

A classy guy would only like some selected things that he really finds interesting. That’s genuine. But when a guy likes anything and everything, then that’s where the doubting comes. And it gets irritating for you.

6. When he is too pushy and adamant to score your number

Never give your number to a guy who is being too pushy, till the extent that you are required to tackle him with some verbal assaults. The guy who in real sense wants to know you would approach you in a more formal manner.

7. When he doesn’t discuss anything personal or never makes you meet his friends

The kind of guy who never discusses or shares anything about his family or never makes you meet his friends, is the kind you should distance yourself from. Take it as a clear signal that he is there just for the sake of some quick fun and doesn’t want to build any serious relationship with you.


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